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Sport gets the metabolism going. As we all know, exercising consumes not only energy but also builds muscle mass.

As already mentioned, people who are active in sports should pay attention to a balanced diet that provides them with sufficient energy, because: Without energy, there is no performance.

The energy supplied should at least correspond to the energy consumed (basal metabolic rate). This allows the reverse conclusion that the required energy supply depends individually on the respective power intensity.

Endurance sport also boosts the metabolism. The heart rate increases, the blood flow to the entire body is improved.

In this way, oxygen and nutrients reach the individual cells more quickly, while waste materials can be excreted more quickly.
A healthy breakfast from VERIVAL boosts your metabolism.

For many people, a healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast also contributes to the positive stimulation of your metabolism.

When choosing food, you should therefore make sure that the additional energy consumption is balanced out accordingly. A selection of food based on this can ensure the supply of energy but also an adequate supply of vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates.

For you, is a healthy breakfast from VERIVAL a part of getting off to a good start in your everyday life? Then you are interested in the many different options, such as the gluten-free Sport Protein Porridge – it consists of a mix of bananas, dates, flax seeds, maca powder, and sunflower seeds.

Or take a look at our pumpkin seed protein powder – refined with chocolate made in Austria for porridge, Bircher muesli – it will make your breakfast more varied.


With the classic oatmeal, also called gruel or porridge, the oat flakes are mixed with twice milk and heated in a saucepan for three minutes.

Vegans can also use water or a plant-based drink for this. You can enjoy a cold and warm dish and top it with many ingredients, such as fruits, nuts, or honey.
Protein porridge

The protein porridge ensures an optimal energy supply in the morning and stimulates your metabolism through the fiber in the oatmeal. The Sport Porridge creates ideal conditions for all types of endurance training and other sports.

Bircher muesli

Bircher muesli is a unique form of gruel. Soak the oatmeal overnight and add lemon juice and (condensed) milk or almond milk in the morning.

Just before you eat it, rub in an apple, and your stomach-friendly muesli is ready.
Don’t overeat for breakfast.

Be careful not to overeat. More food does not bring more energy. On the contrary, your body will be too busy digesting, making you feel more impotent.
In a twelve-week research series, the male subjects who regularly did HIIT workouts lost two kilograms of body weight and 17 percent belly fat (11).

Even small changes can have an effect. Instead of sitting at work all day, you should always get up in between or work standing up. According to a study, even a “long afternoon” can burn up to 174 kilocalories (kcal) extra (12).

Dr. Tobias Weigl advises: “When in doubt, always complete small training units that are not too strenuous. How do you train that? The goal is to continuously train in the aerobic area, i.e., to promote essential endurance. That means you should measure your maximum heart rate. This should be determined in advance – training at 70 to 75 percent is the aerobic area. But other forms of training are also helpful, such as muscle building, because strengthened muscles also help burn fat, as does HIT training. “

Exercise increases the basal metabolic rate. A mix of strength and cardio training is most effective for losing weight.

This list tells you how many calories you can burn with which sport. Is your favorite sport included?

Sleep is suitable for your metabolism

Sleep has a positive effect on metabolism. Here, deep, cohesive sleep in the first three hours of sleep is most important. A disturbed or too short sleep can lead to obesity and generally harms the metabolism.

Poor sleep behavior has been shown to increase blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. Both can lead to diabetes.

Sufficient sleep is also essential for athletes, as the muscles that have been exposed to a training stimulus during exercise are regenerated during sleep.

SchleGood sleep can also stimulate the hunger hormone ghrelin and at the same time reduce the satiety hormone leptin. This could explain why sleep-deprived people often feel hungry and have difficulty losing weight (14).

But what can you do if you have insomnia?

“Often, non-drug measures, which are summarized under the term sleep hygiene, help with sleep disorders. Some general rules are: get up early in the morning at regular times; go to bed in the evening when you are tired; regular sporting activity, but not shortly before Go to bed; quiet, extraordinary surroundings to sleep; no caffeine, heavy food or alcohol in the evening. Relaxation techniques such as autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation often help, “says sleep specialist Dr. Neele Pudelski.

“Only if these methods do not help, therapy with sleeping pills should be considered, but only in consultation with the attending physician. Anyone who suffers from long-term sleep problems should clarify whether a disease like restless legs syndrome or sleep apnea syndrome is possible. The cause of the problem is that many internal and psychiatric diseases can also lead to sleep disorders, “says Dr. Pudelski continues.

Sleep is essential for good metabolism. On the other hand, a lack of sleep can lead to a more incredible feeling of hunger, cause weight problems, and, in the worst case, even lead to diabetes.

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