Don’t you know which Kardashian sister just snatched the title of ‘billionaire’ from Kylie Jenner?

Despite the fact that Kylie Jenner is the most popular sister on social media, there has always been another member of the clan closely following in her footsteps. While the owner of Kylie Cosmetics is in the first place of the 10 highest paid celebrities of 2020, according to Forbes, and the sister we are talking about is in 48th, everything indicates that the tables may experience a sudden turn very soon. Do you know who has surpassed “the insurmountable” Kylie Jenner? Her older sister, Kim Kardashian.

Forbes announces Kim Kardashian’s estate

A few days ago, it became known which 10 celebrities were the most followed in social networks and, according to this, Kylie would occupy the fourth position while Kim would have to settle for the sixth. And yet, it has just become clear that this status does not imply having a lower equity. In fact, as Forbes has made public, Kim Kardashian has already surpassed her younger sister. Does this mean that the queen of reality shows would regain the position that she treasured, in 2007, before the world fell in love with Kylie Cosmetics, Kourtney’s magazine, the Kendall runway or Good American Jeans? Confirmed.

Kylie Jenner recently lost the billionaire title (it adds up to 700 million dollars) and, in parallel, Kim Kardashian’s businesses began to make her the strongest competition (Skims, KKW Beauty, advertising campaigns …). According to Forbes, all this would have made this sister accumulate a total of one billion dollars in her bank account today, 220 million dollars more than last October. According to this publication, the increase in the figure could be due to the sale of 20% of KKW Beauty, its makeup line, to the Coty group. Group that also acquired part of the cosmetic company from her little sister. Between this, her brand Skims, the salary received by Keeping Up With The Kardashians and a series of investments made, Forbes estimates that Kim could have reached ‘billionaire territory’ in record time.

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