why social media marketing ?

Making the most of the information that comes to you from Social Networks is a fundamental step to survive and succeed. This is why we have five bases of Social Media Marketing that you must keep in mind forever.

1) Integration

Do not treat Social Networks as something isolated and different separated from the rest of your marketing actions, but it must be something else in the global strategy of the company, and therefore you must reflect your social channels in all those places where you can: invoices, business cards, brochures …

2) Amplification

Use your actions in Social Media in all those places where you can. Actions 2.0 should not be limited to any particular format, but on the contrary, they should be open to everything you use to promote your brand in such a way that you can amplify the “Noise 2.0” of your company to the maximum.

Suppose you regularly carry out email marketing actions or send a fortnightly electronic newsletter. In that case, you can integrate into it a counter/enhancer, for example, Twitter, so that readers can directly from the newsletter retweet that content or share it directly on their Facebook wall in such a way that you get greater visibility.

3) Reuse: Why not take advantage of what has already been done and use “content recycling” to benefit our brand and adapt that content to other formats?

If, for example, you have held an event and have subsequently created a press release that you have posted on your corporate blog, you may also have created a video with what happened at this event, which you can distribute, for example on YouTube and also the sound of You can convert this video into an audio Podcast so that people can download it and listen to it wherever and whenever they want, or for example, reflect the same content in a PowerPoint presentation.

That you hang on Slideshare, and people will be able to have it to read it to them whenever they want.

If you realize the content is the same (or practically the same), but we take advantage of it to spread it more widely in different formats and make it easier for our followers to be able to make use of it how they want and when they want.

4) Generation of leads

Many people want to find potential clients on Social Networks, but very few get it practically, and those who do not get it usually wonder why clients do not follow me? Why don’t they interact with me?

Be clear that the fault is never the client, that he is not doing it wrong, but your way of communicating with them does not work as well as it should; therefore, if this happens to you, change your strategy.

The “trick” to generate leads is to offer something valuable to our followers, something that catches their attention or is interesting for some reason, and an excellent exercise to discover it is to put yourself in the minds of your customers for a few minutes.

Imagine that you have a company where your information about the two × one offers in the restaurants of your city, and you do it through Facebook and Twitter, and you usually go out at least once a week to dinner, would you follow the profiles of this company? I assured you that I would because they are giving me something that interests me, something that gives me value, and that is that I can go out to dinner at half price.

This is the main idea! And about it, you must know how to adapt and personalize it to your business.

5) Learn: It is expected that when we start in this, and for example, we open our first Twitter account, we stare at it without knowing where to start or how to do it.

What if we look at others to learn what they do? My recommendation is that you subscribe to blogs in the sector and follow companies of your competition and from other sectors for two months and analyze what they do and how they do it, and so you can see if it works for them; if so, why do they do it, and try to take those ideas and the operating method that convinces you the most and adapt it to your business.

Nobody is born knowing; to know, you have to learn and in Social Networks the same, so if you have the possibility of observing others who have been doing it for a long time, why not take advantage of it?

The participation of the community of people and society, in general, has driven the growth of Social Media Marketing.

There is hardly anyone who is not participating in one or another type of social platform.

Either they were exchanging emails, using chat or posting photos and exchanging music, etc.

With the increasing number of online community engagement, social media has become an essential medium that marketers explore.

They find the most effective way to get closer to customers and get to know them deeply.

Sellers have a double advantage in the fact that they can get in touch with those who have already converted.
Gone on their clients and experienced their products.

This is how potential customers can be inclined or influenced to buy the product.

Unlike traditional media, where readers or viewers are passive participants, a social network allows customers to participate actively and exchange information.

So they share their experience, giving their opinion and comments based on their understanding.

This means that markets can interact with the customer in real-time and benefit from communication.

The organization gets to “listen” to the customer and understand more about the customer’s perception of the brand, the product, etc.

Social Media channels help build collective opinion and precipitate healthy discussions on pertinent topics.

The second important feature is that Social Media Marketing spread across various channels and media compared to the narrow channels that the press and media operate.

Social Media works with various tools, including audio, video, text, audio pods, private forums, public discussion forums, SMS, chat, emails, blogs, etc.

Third, Social Media is a dynamic and flexible medium that keeps changing the contents, tools and continues to evolve all the time.

As participants continue to provide input and collective wisdom, the group results in changing and updating the content and creating demand for more tools to be made available.

Fourth, Social Media requires a different type of involvement from marketers.

Unlike traditional media, where marketers run customer-designed ads and campaigns focused on a particular audience or group, Social Media allows participants to lead the discussion, and marketers must listen rather than lead the discussion.

Salespeople have to approach potential customers indirectly, helping to build public opinion. And, from that point, indirectly guide them towards taking an interest in your product.

Social Media is evolving at a breakneck pace, and online is the available technological tool.

Marketers have no choice but to tune in to the media, understand how things work, and make sure they are present.

Not being present in the networks in current times is not an option for marketing companies.
Social networks: which is the best?

Social networks mean space or a platform where the audience connects in different ways.

Each Social Network has different functions, and within Social Media Marketing, everyone works in a unique way looking for specific objectives to be achieved with the strategy.

Can we say that one social network is better than another?

The answer is no. The truth is that each one is important for different variants and differs from the others due to its characteristics and functionalities.

All are important for one objective or another, depending on the strategy, the audience, and the goals we want to achieve.

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