Nose job surgery in Iran or Turkey (2021)?

As you know, rhinoplasty was performed to achieve two results. So, to get those two results we should know nose job surgery in Iran is better or Turkey.

Rhinoplasty in Iran or Turkey

  • Nose job surgery in Iran

Nose job surgery is one of the most common surgeries in Iran. As we said before, rhinoplasty performed to achieve two goals:

  1. Improve nasal breathing
  2. Get the best shape and beauty

As the capital of rhinoplasty, more than 80,000 rhinoplasties are performed annually in Iran, which is seven times more than in the United States. The high success rate of nose job surgery in Iran is due to various factors such as the improvement of surgical techniques, competitive prices, and finally, skilled physicians. The cost of nose job surgery in Iran is usually lower than in other countries, while the level of satisfaction is higher. To know the cost of this surgery you can click here. Because Iran has the best rhino surgeons in the Middle East, many people from all over the world decide to have their rhinoplasty performed in Iran every year, especially in Tehran.

  • Nose job surgery in Turkey

Rhinoplasty is ranked among the top five most common plastic surgeries in the world. Rhinoplasty in Istanbul, Turkey ranks high in terms of demand and participation. But if we want to compare rhinoplasty in Iran with nose job surgery in Turkey, we should say that rhinoplasty in Iran is better than nose job surgery in Turkey. In both countries, the patient will meet with the surgeon until the rhinoplasty is performed and will be examined as well as diagnostic tests to rule out possible complications. A cosmetic surgeon will ask for a photograph of your nose to model the possible outcome you may have.

Why nose job surgery in Iran?

We talked about the cost. The cost of rhinoplasty in Iran is cheaper than in Turkey or other countries. The second thing that is the best option is the doctors. On the other hand, we can talk about the best clinics and hospitals too. Many people from all over the world turn to skilled doctors. Iran is trusted and prefers to have their nose surgery in this country and at the same time enjoy the many tourist attractions of this country.

Rhinoplasty has 2 sides:

  • The first part of the surgery
  • Revision part

Primary nose job surgery is also called rhinoplasty. Correcting the shape of the nose, repairing the asymmetrical structure of the nose or crooked nose, deforming small or very large nostrils to fit the face, and Treating respiratory problems caused by cartilage or tissue is completely for primary nose job surgery. In the second part, if you don’t like the shape of your nose or it has some problem that isn’t fixed, you can use revision rhinoplasty in Iran. In this part, the doctor going to fix the problem with your nose and after that, you are going to get the result that you like.

Cosmetic surgery and rhinoplasty in Iran

Statistics that cosmetic surgery in Iran has caused the name of Iran to be among the famous in this case. Some surgery like hair transplantation in Iran and nose job is the most common surgeries in the country. The number of cosmetic surgeries in the world is 0.2% of the world’s population, while the number of cosmetic surgeries in Iran is 1% of the population. This means that in Iran, cosmetic surgery is performed 5 times more than the global average. Iran ranks third in the world in terms of rhinoplasty with about 7%.

In the end, let’s travel to Iran for the medical tour, do your treatment, and enjoy the adventure of this country.

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