Watch out Kim Kardashian, because Kanye is going to be your direct beauty competition

If there is something that the Kardashian clan has more than demonstrated since they became one of the most influential families internationally, it is their good hand for successful businesses, more specifically in the field of fashion and cosmetics. Until now, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian were the only ones who had opted to launch a beauty brand, the first with their signature Kylie Cosmetic and the second with KKW Beauty. However, we have discovered that in the West Kardashian mansion, the businesswoman is not the only one who is fascinated by this world, but everything seems to indicate that her husband Kanye wants to follow her example. And, attention, having a makeup mogul at home, it was a matter of time before the rapper immersed himself in a business model similar to that of his wife and ended up becoming a make-up lover.

But unlike Kim, her husband wants to remain loyal to his Yezzy clothing brand and has decided to also register it as a brand of men’s beauty products instead of creating an independent one, something that is totally understandable when we consider the quantity. of benefits that the brand registers annually. Of course, when it comes to the rapper, it was quite unlikely that the line would follow the trail of simplicity, minimalism and discretion in which only moisturizers for the face and beard lotions had room. Moreover, according to the registry file, it has included such unique products as lipsticks, masks, eye contours and other products that a few years ago no one thought could be sold to male customers, but which today are considered just as important than feminine ones.

Kanye’s new project

For now, these are all the data we have about Kanye’s new project, in fact there are those who say that this record has been a maneuver by the rapper to prevent another company with the same objective from using his name to market these cosmetic products. What is clear is that, if it finally sees the light, it will most likely be a sales success, like the vast majority of projects that the singer and, of course, his wife have carried out. Under this preamble, only time will tell if he ends up becoming a male cosmetic magnate. Careful Kim, it may be that in a short time, direct competition will play at home.

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