On hair, skin and manicure: we solve the ‘beauty’ doubts of the quarantine

Without a doubt, one of the most acclaimed advantages of quarantine is having more time to pamper ourselves. Treatments and homemade masks, organic shampoos, vegetable oils after washing or styling without resorting to heat are some of the recommendations that experts invite us to follow and, although many follow these tips regularly, we are sure that others, until They have not found this time outside of our hectic routine, they have not been able to put it into practice. But so that this long list of beauty cares does not become endless and you can select what your skin and hair need the most, we have answered 10 of the questions that arise most frequently in this stay at home.

Is it better to paint your nails or let them “breathe”?

A poor diet or lack of hydration and rest are some of the most typical mistakes we make when it comes to doing our home manicures. Also use poor quality products, which is why some girls may have damaged nails and not as beautiful as they should. If you notice yours like this, take advantage of these days not to paint them and hydrate them every night with olive oil. When you paint them again, do not forget the primer before the enamel and follow these tips that the experts propose here, your hands will thank you!

Is it possible to keep colored or highlighted hair beautiful at home?
The answer is yes. But how? Stylists have it clear: coloring needs more care now than ever, so take note of the appropriate and natural products that you should use if you want to keep your hair in perfect condition.

What homemade mask is the best for my skin?

Avocado, lemon juice, oat flakes, cucumber … Each type of dermis has an ideal ingredient for its care, so once you are clear about the superfood that best suits your skin, rinse it well. face and apply the mask at home, your skin will look stunning!

Can I do something to make my hair grow faster?

It has happened to all of us. You want an XL mane but no matter how hard you try, you can’t get it. Well, if you really want to solve this, we explain the 5 essential recommendations that you must follow, and using the correct brush and applying a nourishing oil are the first steps.

Can I curl my hair without straighteners, curling irons or hair dryer?

Another good habit to have a great hair is to avoid the use of heat tools whenever possible, and influencers know the best tricks to curl your hair with easy techniques for which you do not need anything electrical. For example, this method for which you should only have clean, dry and detangled hair, two hair ties and one night.

Should I throw away some cosmetics?

If you have wanted to take advantage of these days to organize your dressing table, this advice from the experts will be of great help: perishable products can have serious consequences on our skin if we apply them. So, take your makeup bag and apply these notions that will not only make it easier for you what to throw away and what to keep, but will also prevent your face from suffering any damage.

How can I take care of my curly hair (well) at home?

Curly hair, and some wavy hair, tend to be more susceptible to frizz, so experts recommend applying certain hair products more frequently to avoid lack of hydration and the risk of breakage. Do you want to know which ones we are talking about? Here we solve your doubts, one by one.

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