You will never ruin all your makeup again when you want to fix lipstick

The key is in a typical product from Spain that manages to get rid of even the most intense colors without blurring the rest of your look.

Intense lipsticks are the trend of the moment. Taylor Hill recently became living proof that combining the color of clothes with that of the lips could not be a better idea and other models such as Adriana Lima or Olivia Culpo showed that fuchsia pink seems a shade made to measure for brunette girls . When you find exactly the lipstick that you like the most and everything works out right the first time, very bright colors do not give you any problem, but how many times have you finished your makeup by painting your lips, have you been wrong (either in the color or in the technique) and have you tried to correct it by removing it? In the end you end up with the surroundings of the mouth stained and with dry lips from so much rubbing. What you probably did not know is that you have the solution to the problem at home, specifically, in the olive oil that surely never lacks in your kitchen.

This very Spanish product is the answer to your prayers because its oily texture manages to get rid of garnet, fuchsia, red and even the daring dark lips without spoiling the rest of your makeup during the process. The best thing about this natural make-up remover is its nutritional power, which, unlike chemical products, do not include detergent substances that can dry out this delicate skin in the process.

To be as precise as possible and avoid spoiling makeup around your mouth, dip a cotton swab in the oil instead of applying it directly with your fingers; then gently pat it on the lips. The cotton tip will allow you to be precise at the edges and that the pigment does not spread through the rest of the skin. When you’re done, massage a cotton pad or a damp towel to remove any traces of the product and put makeup on your lips again. Easier (and with better results) impossible.

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