Neither blonde nor brunette, Jennifer Lopez debuts ‘tie dye’ hair

The singer also sports an ‘icy’ bun and futuristic ‘cowgirl’ braids in the music video for her new song, ‘Medicine’

There is no week in which Jennifer Lopez does not reveal new work projects. After announcing a summer tour to celebrate her 50th birthday together with her fans and seeing her in action during the first days of filming her film Hustlers, now the singer is releasing a new song (Medicine) and a video clip that has left us speechless . We are used to seeing the artist with brown and blonde hair, but can you imagine her with the tie dye effect hair? Look at the next picture.

This is the image shared by Jennifer’s hairstylist, Chris Appleton, and also the name she has christened this amazing new hair color. We have heard many times about the coloring options for those women who move between golden and brown tones (sunlight brunette, chocolate glaze, icy brown …) but we have never seen anything like this, or heard the concept of animal print hair (animal print mane), name with which Appleton has baptized this look (although we are more convinced by the idea of ​​tie dye).

And it seems that the stylist is as surprised with the result as we are. “Obsessed”, he wrote in the text that accompanied the photo and even asked his followers what they thought of the look. And the responses range from those who applaud the daring to those who think it’s too much for a dress with such detail. Although for now we do not know the technique that Appleton has used (but it is likely that we will soon discover it because he usually shares this type of detail on social networks), it is about horizontal stripes in various shades of brown-gold. A result that a priori you can also achieve -if you have blonde hair- using cardboard or cardboard and a couple of sprays darker than the base tone.

The futuristic ‘cowgirl’

But if you thought this was the only surprise Jennifer had in store for us in her last video, you were wrong. The versatile artist wears two more hairstyles that, although they are familiar to us, go a step further.

First of all, a mix between boxer braids and cowgirl style, with a futuristic twist. And in this case, Appleton does tell us how he did it: “I braided Jennifer’s hair and applied Pop and Lock by ColorWowHair to get a wet effect and wrapped the braids with a silver cable to give it a futuristic look.”

The ‘ice cream’ bun

And, finally, a (super) high bow similar to the one she wore in the video clip of her legendary On the floor, although much more elaborate. An updo that she usually wears in her day to day (yes, in a version of ‘walking around the house’) located in the highest part of the head that adds several layers simulating the boots of a cone ice cream. A ‘delicious’ hairstyle that turns this video into an experience of maximum expectation, waiting for a new and surprising look at each change of plane.

How long will it take Jennifer to surprise us with another project and a new look? It seems that the most imminent is the summer tour with which she will celebrate her 50th springs, It’s my party, and it will undoubtedly be a parade of looks, as is usual in her.

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