Mila Kunis is inspired by Gigi Hadid and wears the manicure that goes with everything

If a few weeks ago he gave us a valuable trick to grow a few inches by choosing the right garment, today he could have confirmed the leading manicure of spring 2019. We are talking about Mila Kunis and the yellow nail polish. Surprised? We understand, but before you say anything, she carefully reads everything we have to tell you and you might change your mind.

The actress wanted to be present at the ceremony where she was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to her friend, actor and screenwriter Seth MacFarlane. For the occasion, Mila chose a simple black look, with jeans and a basic sweater; And, to break her monotony, she sported a striking yellow manicure. A very easy way to add a touch of trend, color and energy to a monochrome look. Especially when combining it with several golden bracelets.

It is a color of maximum tendency this spring

A risky choice that matches the one Gigi Hadid wore on her 24th birthday, albeit with longer nails and several touches of tie dye, her favorite spring trend. But with yellow as the clear protagonist. Something that is not surprising considering that it is her favorite color, with which she feels more attractive as she has confessed on occasion. And she usually wears it in small doses, either with clothes, accessories and beauty brushstrokes; or in total look version.

The oldest of the Hadid sisters wanted all of her guests to wear denim and she was no exception. A (almost) total look in a denim key that she completed with multiple necklaces, a white cropped top and, of course, touches of her favorite color, on the bag and the manicure. An example of how to wear this bold shade works with different hair styles, colors, and even shades. Also, if the more intense version of it seems too much for you (remember that neon reigns this season), you can always choose a softer, more pastel hue (especially flattering if you look tan).

Have you changed your mind? We invite you to try it; two it-girls wearing it in the same week cannot be a coincidence. She step out of your comfort zone and is wearing the trendy manicure this spring. And if she knows you little, go for the ‘cow print’ and ‘Power Rangers’ version of Kendall Jenner. Dress your hands to the last!

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