Would you know how to apply the Marie Kondo method to your makeup?

The Japanese woman explains why simplifying your beauty ritual can make you happier

There are more and more trends that propose you to get rid of those things that you do not use to feel fuller with your life. Marie Kondo is one of the most famous order gurus in the world, so much so, even Netflix has been interested in explaining her famous method. And her philosophy of life is not only limited to household objects, but now she, too, gives advice on how to adapt her teachings to, for example, always keep jewelry in order or train more effectively. His latest challenge from her? Cosmetics, and the expert has revealed what her secret is to apply her lessons to the makeup routine with simplicity and practicality as the main pillars.

Marie Kondo suggests asking yourself which steps or beauty products you don’t really need and she also shares her personal story with Allure magazine: β€œLong ago, when I worked for a company, I used to wear makeup base every day. That’s when I realized that the more I used it, the weaker my skin became. One day I decided to be brave and not wear it ”. Since then, the Japanese has tried to apply sunscreen every day and leave her face washed whenever she can.

When it comes to products, Kondo wants you to group all your cosmetics into categories (blushes, lipsticks, bronzing powders, etc.) and ask yourself: β€œWhat are the ones that bring me joy at this time in my life? Does this product make me feel pretty right now? ”. After answering honestly, you should get rid of all those that do not pass the screen and keep only those that you really like, favor you and are going to use regularly.

In the country where she comes from, Japan, this practicality when it comes to dressing is part of the culture and almost all women share a natural vision of beauty. His maxim is “less is more” and the no makeup look, the finish that everyone wants to achieve. To do this, taking care of the skin becomes an obligation and cleaning, hydration and protection, in the three essential steps to be able to wear bare skin without feeling insecure. His last lesson from her? Give great importance to food: “Since I was little I knew that we are what we eat and that what we consume contributes to our general well-being.”

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