You have the most trendy clothes, the latest cosmetics, the most original footwear … but you don’t have time. You run everywhere, you choose your clothes the day before but your hairstyle always suffers. If you have a hard time getting up early or don’t know what to do with your hair when an improvised plan comes up, these tips are for you, so you don’t have to say again that you don’t show up or sacrifice your looks for an unfortunate hairstyle. Take advantage of the reef of messy updos and apply these simple tricks to give them a 180ΒΊ turn in less than 5 minutes! Show off the coolest tousled hairstyles of spring.

Hairpins + illuminator + XL sunglasses

Take a look at this high bun by Blanca SuΓ‘rez. It looks a lot like the one you can take a relaxing day at home, right? But what if you add jeweled hairpins, chic sunglasses (this is important, the more glamorous the better) and a touch of highlighter on the upper part of the cheekbone? Put these 3 simple gestures into practice and your tousled bun will become the most imitated.

‘Pelillos a la mar’

Have you ever heard this expression? It refers to downplaying a misunderstanding, to making up with someone. And that’s what you have to do with your hair. It is not always perfect; forgive him. And instead of hitting him and punishing him with boring updos, learn to take advantage of him. Get inspired by Gigi Hadid and this Fendi proposal, reformulate the previous expression and bring the hairs in the air, take them out, release them and give a very flattering natural effect to your look. It may be hard for you to see yourself on the first day, but then you will love it. You will love it.

Statement earrings

Divert attention. It’s an old, classic trick, but it works. Look in your jeweler and choose those earrings that you barely wear because they are ‘too much’. Who says it? Is there a place to put it? … Good. Don’t think ‘too much’ about it and make them convinced. Suddenly your hairstyle from being at home will become the perfect option to compensate for your showy earrings. Remember: balance, naturalness and color.

Or a single earring!

If you are clueless, this option is perfect for many reasons: you may always start getting ready late, it is also likely that you forget many of your commitments and you may even have a jewelry box full of mismatched earrings. Friend, this is your moment. Take advantage and turn those small ‘weaknesses’ into fashion strengths because the bows to walk around the house and wear a single earring will not always be a trend.

Bangs + color accessories

If you usually wear your hair up, it may be time to go for bangs. It is a small detail that will give more personality to your look and will allow you to relax when combing your hair. Of course, avoid cuts that are too ‘perfect’ and look for one that allows you to air dry it or without too much work. And, as with earrings and sunglasses, a scarf or handkerchief in bright colors will enhance the more youthful side of your look and no one will see an undone hairstyle, but rather easy and relaxed. Sounds good right?

Long live the coleteros!

We missed many things from the nineties, but this season we are in luck thanks to the return of the star trends of that decade. Among them, the wrinkled fabric scrunchies! Or what is the same, the perfect detail to finish a quick pickup (and a little undone). Madison Beer knows it and we bet she didn’t spend more than 3 minutes on her hair before leaving home in this look. Learn from those who know the most about being perfect for the photo.

Blush + clothing with details

If Karlie Kloss can rock a tousled updo with a delicate lace look and look perfect, it’s time to do her trick! She lets go of the front strands (talk to your hairdresser to always wear them the right length; they should not exceed the jaw area too much), the sides and also some in the neck area; He applies a touch of pink or peach blush to your cheeks and chooses a patterned or textured garment. He combines the simplicity of your hairstyle with a complex garment and you will be right.

Red lips + feline look

Wearing a bright color on your lips can make your day, and fix a hairstyle! If you don’t have much time to do your hair, make a simple bun and spend a few extra seconds choosing the element that will save your look: your lip color! Red will not fail, but you can also choose a vibrant pink, orange, purple … Discard the natural tones, we need one that catches the eye. Just like your eyes, which will stand out much more with a feline-inspired eyeliner. If you are not too skilled with this technique, focus on the lips and put on a mascara that lengthens and volume. But practice, a well-done part is one of the most useful gestures when applying makeup.

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