Kim Kardashian keeps a very special object from her childhood, and she still uses it!

There is little we don’t know about Kim Kardashian, but it still manages to surprise us. And if a few days ago we discovered his love for the afterlife (he even confessed that the day he met Theresa Caputo, an American television medium, was one of the best in his life), today we have learned that the socialite and beauty businesswoman still she keeps a gadget she used to use as a child. Guess what she is?

One clue: it was a real ‘boom’ in the 90s

It was one of the most popular objects in the 90s and, although she has made some attempts to return in recent years, it seems that, for now, it will not be like that. Do you know what we mean? We are talking about zigzag hair straighteners, those that ‘curled’ your hair with such a particular effect that you could only achieve it that way or by filling your hair with small braids. A memory that Kim wanted to share with her fans in a recent Instagram post in which she appears with her grandfather and with her dark ‘curly’ hair with this type of technique and adorned with a white headband.

She in the text she says that her mother used to curl her hair all the time and that she still has the iron. And something else … that she has recently used it again! Although of the latter, at the moment, there is no graphic evidence. And knowing about her daughter North’s fondness for all Mom’s cosmetics, shoes and clothes, we wouldn’t be surprised if the little fashionista would soon appear with her dark ‘zigzag’ hair, or both together! Can you imagine? It would be a funny anecdote, an example of the powerful return of the 90s trends. That nostalgia!

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