Without makeup and in a tracksuit: Laura Escanes revolutionizes the networks with her most natural photo

After spending several weeks at home, knitted outfits, sweatshirts and sweatpants have become our everyday uniform. A trend that praises comfort, without sacrificing style and originality, and that has spread to other areas such as beauty. And it is that, although many women have taken the opportunity to catch up with those tutorials that they had pending and learn how to make the perfect eye line or master the contouring technique once and for all, makeup has taken a back seat in our daily routine. A trend that models and influencers from all over the world have reaffirmed by joining the trend of free make up.

she took out her more natural side

One of the last to join has been Laura Escanes who, if yesterday published a photograph with an impeccable style, composed of white pants, a lace bra in the same tone and a lilac cardigan with matching lipstick, today she took out her more natural side. The fashion prescriber has shared with her followers a snapshot in which she shows herself, as she describes herself: “Thus, with a mini ponytail, a cool tie-dye tracksuit, without makeup and dark circles ON mode ????”. In it, Laura poses in front of a mirror wearing high-waisted and low-waisted jogging pants in a white and pale pink print, and a matching short hooded sweatshirt, both from Öh My Collection. A high half ponytail and her face completely free of makeup completed the ensemble, in a stamp with which many of her followers have identified.

Although it is not the first time that the Catalan shares a similar image, this comes at a time of exaltation of naturalness, which has brought us closer than ever to our idols. From Helen Lindes to Paula Echevarría or Amaia Salamanca, and even Rodie Huntington-Whiteley or Taylor Hill, there have been many Spanish celebrities and international models who have shown us their everyday side. And it is that, the situation that we are living has allowed us to know the most human and earthly side of actresses, models and singers, who have proposed to liven up our days with all kinds of viral challenges.

Laura’s followers have applauded this display of naturalness, filling the profile of the fashion prescriber with comments such as: “Well, I love your naturalness !!! ???”, “Well, many of us would like to be just as beautiful!”, ” Pretty ❤️❤️ “or” You are ideal even with dark circles !! ? “. A practice with which, in addition, you will let your skin breathe and give it the breath of fresh air it needs to be more impeccable than ever when we can finally go out on the street again.

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