We finally know the meaning of Jennifer Aniston’s ‘magic’ tattoo (and we’re dying of love)!

Members of their families, nods to their professions, religious beliefs, pets, love … The list of topics that lead celebrities to turn their bodies into a canvas with symbolic tattoos is long. And Jennifer Aniston has been part of that select club for 10 years. The Friends actress dared with the ink making herself the odd design, but she has not gotten to join the fashion of tattooing herself completely -such as the case of Justin Bieber or Brooklyn Beckham, which have made us lose track of their tattoos because they surprise with a new work every little time. At the moment, the interpreter would only have two designs: the name “Norman” tattooed on her right foot and an “11 11” on her left wrist. And if we already knew the background of the first of them (although we will tell you about it below), the number was a mystery.

Jennifer Aniston and Selena Gomez, the new friendship of the moment?

The meaning of that “Norman” was very easy to guess, since she dedicated it to the great love of her life (sorry, Brad), her dog. It was in 2011 when Jennifer presented that beautiful way of keeping him in mind, which she confirmed in an interview with ET Canada several years ago when she was asked about her premiere with the ink. “It’s just my way of paying tribute … forever.” As for the wrist tattoo, the message behind the two figures was not so clear. There were all kinds of rumors circulating about whether it could be the combination of her birthday and the year her puppy died.

The tattoo has a ‘twin’

Luckily, the actress has doubled the doubts about her most mysterious tattoo, since we were not always able to see it when she attended an event (sometimes she covered it with makeup or bracelets). The way to do it has been by sharing in her profile an image where her wrist appears next to that of another person who would have the same number. And, since Jen only ‘goes through the ink’ for the people she loves the most, can you imagine who she could be? No, she is still not Brad Pitt. The other “11 11” would be on the arm of her best friend, Andrea Bendewald, whom the interpreter herself called “sister forever from another mother.”

A magical wish

When she got her second tattoo in 2018, no one came to the conclusion that it could be a connection to her best friend of 37 years, so why not consider this gesture #bffgoals? Interestingly, if we entered Andrea’s profile, she would have already dropped what the choice of figures was due to. “I can’t wait to celebrate and make more magical wishes! 11:11”, she wrote below a compilation of photos together that she used to congratulate her last birthday including her tattooed dolls. And is that like making a wish when she passes a shooting star, both the actress and her friend would have tattooed an hour that is considered magical.

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