The list of cosmetics worth investing in at 30

In adolescence and in the 20s, the steps to follow to maintain beautiful skin are more or less clear: cleansing, hydration and sun protection. However, the time to start investing in an eye contour or using an anti-wrinkle cream is a little more diffuse. Pedro Catalá, founder of Twelve Beauty, Jane Foulston, director of Emma Hardie, Timm Golueke, creator of Royal Fern and Joy Isaacs, at the head of Argentum, are four skin professionals who are dedicated to formulating cutting-edge products in facial treatment and also the experts who answer some of the questions that most girls ask themselves in their thirties.

What changes do you notice on your skin after turning 30?

The changes don’t start right into your thirties: “Even earlier, cell turnover begins to slow down. The skin does not recover so easily from inflammation and essential proteins such as collagen or elastin break down earlier because we begin to produce less of these natural actives with a plumping effect “, Joy Isaacs begins to explain, to which Jane Foulston adds:” The first signs of aging are likely to begin. This can be in the form of fine lines and wrinkles, sagging of the facial contours and the beginning of some pigmentation problems ”.

What kinds of changes need to be made to the skincare routine from now on?

“You have to leave behind light products, oil-free or gel textures and you have to provide key lipids in the form of oil and butters for the skin. These will help repair the epidermal barrier that begins to undergo changes. You also have to add antioxidants to prevent and treat cell damage ”, explains Pedro Catalá, who also recommends substituting soapy make-up removers and cleansers with richer and gentler milks or creams. “Start using an eye contour, include antioxidants and creams with richer textures,” completes Dr. Golueke.

What ingredients to look for and why?

The Argentum expert points out that it is after 30 when the skin begins to appear more dull, tired, and the sun already begins to leave its traces: expression lines, dehydration, spots … “This is the moment when you can start to notice crow’s feet, dark circles and bags. Choosing specific ingredients can help alleviate these early signs of aging. ” Isaacs recommends silver hydrosol and HP DNA (an acid of marine origin) that fight the formation of free radicals, guilty of premature aging of tissues.

Cosmetologist Pedro Catalá points to high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, rice bran oil, extracts of artemisia, primrose, buddleja, shea butter or niacinamide as the most interesting active ingredients to delay aging. From Emma Hardie they add non-invasive, effective but very skin-friendly botanical ingredients. Lastly, Golueke points to the combo of vitamin C and AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) as winning picks for the 30s.

What are the common mistakes girls make at this age?

“Using too much product! You have to simplify your skin care routine and invest in good cleaning products to combat urban pollution ”, exclaims the Royal Fern expert who, like in Japan, believes that simplicity is the key to achieving good results. An opinion shared with Joy Isaacs: “When they turn thirty, women tend to saturate their skin with many products”, for her, the important thing is to give the skin enough hydration, protect it with SPF every day, get enough sleep, not smoking and eating a healthy diet.

Impatience is the mistake chosen by Catalá: “The most common are to look for immediate results without giving a waiting time to check that the product is right for us” … and another very typical, to change cosmetics continuously because “you contribute to the skin different components that may not work together or you end up with many unused products in the bathroom that lose their properties once opened ”. In conclusion? Simplify the beauty ritual and be consistent.

What gestures are the most important to maintain beautiful skin and delay the appearance of wrinkles?

“Diet, exercise and fresh air help maintain beautiful skin, but adhering to the basics of skincare in the morning and at night is the key to radiant, balanced skin,” says expert Emma Hardie. , who recommends cleaning, toning, exfoliating, hydrating and protecting the face on a daily basis. As for Timm Golueke, obsession is never a good advisor and his motto is to enjoy: “Smile, try to be happy and live the day, beauty also comes from within.”

How do you take care of the eye contour at 30?

The four professionals agree that this is the area in which the signs of aging are noticed before, so it is necessary to start taking care of it in depth: “The skin around the eye contour area is extremely thin, like a butterfly wing. Therefore, it must be treated independently of the rest of the face. If non-specific products are used, they can cause puffiness and dark circles, since they are often too greasy for this area ”, advises Foulston and explains that the chosen product must be used“ an amount equivalent to a grain of rice for each eye, with the ring finger and apply it gently with small touches on the bone and not just below the eye as is customary to do ”.

“You don’t just have to focus on dark circles and bags. At this age the loss of collagen and elastin is more pronounced, and that is why it is necessary to combine ingredients such as antioxidants that improve microcirculation and strengthen capillaries with peptides of plant origin “, the Twelve Beauty expert tells us and insists on the important which is to treat the area delicately because capillaries can be damaged.

From Royal Fern they also reveal his secret formula: “It is important to wear sunglasses with SPF and include this area when applying sunscreen. Use products with vitamin C to combat dark circles, chamomile against puffiness and hyaluronic acid to maintain hydration ”.

Is it important to take care of the lip contour?

“Yes, of course, I always recommend that my patients use specific products for the lip contour or simply take advantage of the excess of the eye contour after applying it in this area,” says Timm Golueke. For a more specific care, Catalá recommends ingredients that take care of this part of the face: “Clays, avocado oil, cupuaçú butter and buriti, pracaxi and baobab oils help to give that extra elasticity so needed in this area”. One last step to enjoy this decade without worrying about wrinkles.

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