There are 3 beauty steps Priyanka Chopra never forgets, and they work!

Arguably 2018 was one of the happiest years for Priyanka Chopra, as it was when she gave the ‘yes, I want’ to singer Nick Jonas, but 2019 continues on the same path. The actress has been selected as one of the most beautiful women of the year by a well-known American magazine, although it is not the first time she has won a title of this kind, as she won the Miss World contest in 2000. However, Priyanka He usually sends inspiring messages in favor of different types of bodies and beauty beyond the physical, although he also knows (and puts into practice) some tricks to take care of his skin, such as the three that he has now confessed.

It is no coincidence that the actress holds the title of being ‘one of the most beautiful women of 2019’

In her interview for People magazine, a publication that has identified her as one of the most beautiful of 2019, Priyanka begins by warning that not everything is what it seems in the industry in which she works: “Now I know everything it takes to get out pretty on a magazine cover and the work we do. This is how I realized that physicality is not everything, it is the confidence with which you enter a room, it is the ability to do your job giving the best of yourself ”. And it is that, for the star, beauty is born from within.

In addition to talking about what really matters, Chopra also revealed what it is that she does to feel beautiful on the outside. The actress’s beauty ritual is very simple and only consists of three steps, but she affirms that they work if it is constant: “I make sure that I hydrate myself daily”, also “I remove all makeup before going to bed” and, a classic, “I drink a lot of water, as it really is the elixir of life.”

In closing, Priyanka points out that “in the world we live in today, the standards of beauty are not real at all. And it is something that we have created ”. A reflection of one of the most beautiful women in the world with whom she wants to make everyone aware that perfection does not exist and that it is more important to develop as a person.

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