A face mask, made of ice cream and edible?

Have you ever thought what it would be like to take a bite out of those cosmetics that you use every day and that smell great? Chocolate scented lipsticks, violet smelling powders, strawberry or vanilla shampoos and body creams … cosmetic brands are striving more and more to turn the experience of taking care of yourself into a pleasure for the senses by converting our baths in authentic pastry shops. But, few have managed to make that ‘dream’ come true. Yes, there are flavored lip balms, but can you imagine a face mask made with ice cream and edible? Yesterday, for a few minutes, it was possible.

It all started when Patrick Ta, one of the favorite makeup artists of celebrities such as Shay Mitchell, Hailee Steinfeld, Adriana Lima or the Hadid sisters, published a video on his Instagram profile: a tutorial in which he talked about the miracle, a mask for the bed made with ice cream and totally edible. And the followers instantly went crazy with comments like “Oh my god, I need her!”, “When?”, “Where?” … The make up artist revealed in this way a collaboration with Halo Top , a brand of ice creams low in calories and sugars and high in proteins, and a dream product that, in addition, could not have a more appetizing packaging.

Too pretty – and delicious

And they all listened attentively to Ta, who talked about the benefits of ice cream for our skin, the exfoliating effect of the small chocolate noodles in the mixture (known as sprinklers in the world of confectionery) … And she even removed the product with a soup spoon instead of the usual spatula. Too pretty – and delicious – to be true. And it is that few stopped to think what day they marked their calendars while watching this video with their mouths open: April 1, April Fool’s, April Fools’ Day in many countries of the world.

And here the dream ended and the laughter began, although not for everyone! Some even came to the website of the popular healthy ice cream brand, read all the information regarding this innovative worldwide launch that was going to revolutionize cosmetics and by clicking the ‘Buy now’ button of any of the three varieties and mint, Chocolate cake or Strawberry), they found the following image.

The photo featured the model from Patrick Ta’s video with her face full of an ice cream mask, licking her lips and smiling … and below, the message, April Fool’s, breaking the illusions of the last dreamers. A funny joke that made many people happy for a few minutes, and a marketing campaign hard to forget. And, who knows, maybe even the starting point to make a dream that could be and was not a reality. At least yesterday.

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