Gigi Hadid’s makeup artist shares her curious trick to make your tan look real

There is an area where you may be forgetting to apply makeup powder
Now that spring fashions are here, you are probably getting fond of bronzing powders again that achieve that flattering good-face effect. And although Gigi Hadid dares with the most transgressive looks on the catwalk, when she gets off, she also opts for a bronze key makeup with which she always seems like she has just returned from vacation. Her makeup artist, Erin Parsons, is the one in charge of getting Gigi out of the perfect house, and she recently revealed her trick to get everyone to believe that you, too, have just landed from a heavenly destination. The key to her technique is never to forget your hands.

natural color of your skin

I’m not a big fan of high coverage products. I know they are necessary sometimes, and I understand that people want coverage, but I hate it when they try to look more tanned and apply a dark foundation. It is very noticeable that the hands are of a completely different color ”, explains the expert to CR Fashion Beauty. To avoid an artificial result, the problem must be attacked on two sides: choose makeup bases that are not so different from the natural color of your skin and use a body product with which to color your hands.

Some options to make up hands with a natural finish include: MAC Cosmetics’ legendary Studio Face and Body makeup base (€ 44), with a translucent finish and low-medium coverage; the Body Tan Cream by Aku Cosmetics (€ 38), which achieves an instant and luminous “sunny effect”; or the Bronzing Body BB Cream from The Body Shop (€ 22), which achieves a tan that will disappear the next time you shower with a formula that also nourishes your skin. Are you not planning to visit the beach soon? With one of these products you will not need it.

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