The colored rings that will make you forget the pastel manicure are the most sought after accessory

In the last year, fashion has adapted to the new needs generated by the health crisis, filling the new collections of relaxed garments and proposals with a comfy spirit. But little by little, it seems that the tracksuit is giving way to other types of bets. With their sights set on the new season, some firms surrender to aesthetic escapism, with lavish creations, full of color and vibrant prints. In this sense, there is a complement that has been sneaking into the looks of those who know the most about fashion for a while. An absolutely discreet accessory that has managed to stand out over leggings, tracksuits and jeans: the colored rings. Confirming that the nostalgia for fashion for the two thousandth decade has no immediate end, this type of creations made of PVC or glass keep a certain childish aesthetic and its only function is to brighten up any outfit, a mere ornament with which to get away from sobriety in the locker room. If there was any doubt that these rings are drawn as a style hit, Zara has also surrendered to the trend.

Zara’s colored rings are made of solid injected crystal and are available in shades as different as amber, midnight blue or rose red. A creation that confirms that the spring-summer jeweler will put minimalism aside to embrace the most extravagant proposals, many of them inspired by the 2000s, such as colored rings, but also influenced by the eighties aesthetic that has had so much weight. on the catwalk in recent seasons.

Behind the success of this trend, whose good reception promises to continue growing, is in part a Spanish brand. The colorful PVC rings from La Manso, a firm founded by Adriana Manso, have conquered style icons such as Bella Hadid or Dua Lipa, who have made this accessory one of their recurring bets to complete their street looks. But the list of familiar faces surrendered to these creations with a Spanish stamp does not end there, in fact it is very present in the digital universe, where celebrities such as Kylie Jenner or Chiara Ferragni have been photographed with these full color rings.

Dua Lipa’s dressing room

In addition to the Spanish La Manso, firms such as the Milanese Bea Bongiasca (also very present in Dua Lipa’s dressing room) have given a new look to the usual rings with atypical creations that are wrapped around the fingers, standing out even over the most manicures. striking thanks to their acid colors and captivating designs. Something more discreet and simple are the colored rings of the Fry Powers label, which propose models without extra details made of gold or silver instead of plastic, and which have convinced fashion experts such as Leandra Medine or the Italian influencer Veronica Ferraro.

The fun touch to liven up the usual mixes of jeans and T-shirt or the perfect complement to subtract sobriety from a two-piece jacket and trousers. The colored rings are combined, taking as inspiration the style formulas followed by the most followed prescribers, almost always with colorful manicures, although there are those who prefer a more balanced result and focus all the prominence on this peculiar piece of jewelery, moving away from the most it’s more. Without a doubt, this trend is here to stay, at least for the seasons to come. As the fashion finder Lyst points out, “Global searches for plastic rings have increased since January. Currently, searches for” resin rings “have grown by 28%. The most searched colors (after black, white and neutral) are neon green, hot pink, and yellow. ” In this sense, Zara has also just included among its novelties several resin earrings and brooches that we already imagine in our spring looks.

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