If the mask gives you pimples, copy the tricks of Khloé Kardashian

That acne is exclusive to adolescence is a myth that, unfortunately, many thirty-somethings have debunked with their own experience. Having pimples is a problem that can happen at almost any age due to, among other causes, an unhealthy diet, hormonal fluctuations or, for a few months, the use of a sanitary mask. In the United States they have baptized this phenomenon as maskne and it seems that it affects everyone, including celebrities, because Khloé Kardashian – a sister of two beauty gurus such as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner – has wanted to give her recommendations to combat it on her website. wellness, Poosh.

‘Maskné’, the skin problem of the new normal

Whether or not you suffered acne before the pandemic, surely in recent weeks you have seen much more pimples appear on your cheeks, chin or the sides of your nose. And yes, your suspicions are true: the fault is possibly with the mask. As Pedro Catalá, doctor in Pharmacy and founder of Twelve Beauty, explains, “the continuous friction of the tissue against the skin and the humid microenvironment that is created inside, which produces an increase in sebaceous secretion and a hyperkeratinization that closes the pores and increases the proliferation of bacteria “, they cause these imperfections, to which we must add that” stress and anxiety generate the hormone cortisol that causes inflammation in the skin. ” Now, since leaving the mask at home is NOT an option -remember that it is one of the best measures to prevent infections, as well as mandatory in many places-, adapting your beauty ritual is essential to prevent pimples.

Khloé Kardashian’s advice

While dermatologists advise extreme cleansing of the skin both in the morning and at night and limit the use of makeup foundations (especially if they are formulated with oils), Khloé Kardashian’s recommendation is to use a mask specially designed to reduce bacteria . On her Poosh platform, she encourages choosing, among others, a knitted mask that is custom woven or one coated with copper (“known to slow the growth of bacteria and other infectious pathogens,” she explains). In addition, he advises using an anti-acne spray on the inside of the mask to regulate excess oil (although at the same time it warns that this can inflame the skin) and encourages taking advantage of the fact that part of the face is covered to apply patches or cosmetics that treat pimples. “No one will know that you are protecting the grain!”, She writes herself in this original (and practical) recommendation.

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