Daniela Figo’s easy dish that you are going to copy if you usually wake up with a swollen belly

To have a flat stomach, the experts revealed, among their 5 tricks to achieve it, the diet as the key to defined abs. The good news is that restrictive diets are no longer in fashion, in fact, if you listen to the advice of many nutritionists you will discover that denying your body whims will only make you crave even more. The solution to enjoy your favorite snacks without ruining your efforts in the gym is to find delicious recipes in which their components achieve benefits beyond providing energy. As an idea, Daniela Figo has just uploaded to her networks a dish that works just as well for lunch or dinner: a scrambled eggs with asparagus, mushrooms and tomato suitable for “no-cooks” that helps eliminate liquids.

The ideal recipe for lunch or dinner

Although the “Lunch” with which he gives the title to this photo reveals that Daniela has chosen it to eat, this healthy dish will also solve many dinners and, best of all, it will help you wake up the next day with a flat stomach. The three protagonists of a recipe that you will copy without problems even if you do not have much experience in the kitchen are mushrooms, green asparagus and tomato, each of them known for their properties to get a great guy. Before revealing these benefits, just a few guidelines on how to copy Luis Figo’s daughter: sauté the ingredients on the grill or in the pan with a tablespoon of oil … and that’s it. A very fast step by step with which it will be easier for you to eat healthy. Here’s what this healthy food combo can do for you:


The main reason they are so helpful in weight loss diets is their low calorie content: 100 grams of this mushroom only provide 26 calories and, in addition, its satiating action manages to calm the appetite despite how light they are. This benefit is achieved through its contribution of fiber, a substance that also supports digestive and intestinal health and, therefore, fights bloating. Among other components, minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, selenium or vitamins A, from group B, C, D and E stand out.

Green asparagus

Also known as wild asparagus, asparagus is famous for its anti-cellulite action. And, as Dr. Pilar de Frutos, plastic surgeon, expert in aesthetic medicine and director of the Pilar de Frutos Clinic advises, to combat orange peel “we must make changes in our diet that allow our body to release impurities, and it is especially advisable to reduce salt intake to avoid fluid retention “, points out the expert,” in the same way it is recommended to increase the consumption of natural diuretic foods, such as asparagus, pineapple, green tea … etc. “. As an added value, from the specialized brand Nuggela & Sulé they also point to them as allies to strengthen brittle and lifeless hair, in addition to increasing the volume of the finest manes.


It is not just that they add a meager 18 calories per 100 grams, but this fruit that many confuse with vegetables is also a cure against blemishes: “Some foods, such as tomatoes, are good for skin with acne, thanks to its acidity and lycopene (a powerful antioxidant it contains) is a safe remedy to help in the treatment of acne “, they explain from the beauty firm Bionike. In addition to lycopene, it also contains quercithin, of which Pedro Catalá, cosmetologist, doctor in Pharmacy and founder of Twelve Beauty, reveals that “it is the antioxidant responsible for many food ingredients (apples, grapes, olives, citrus fruits, tomatoes, onion, broccoli, capers, tea and red wine among others) are part of our favorite cosmetics due to their antioxidant and restorative properties “.

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