Taylor Swift responds to those who judge her love life after a new Netflix series

“How about we stop denigrating working women by assuming comments like this are funny?”

For some reason or another, Taylor Swift is always in the news. The American artist has just regained the reins of her musical career and has decided to re-record all of her songs from the album Fearless, after losing all rights to her in favor of Scooter Braun. A few weeks ago she was already appearing in millions of headlines around the world and that is how she has been doing it all these years. Be it for new musical projects, for breakups, fights with Kanye West or reconciliations with Katy Perry. But, this time, the singer has attacked Netflix and, more specifically, with the new series Ginny & Georgia, in which a “deeply sexist” comment would have appeared towards her. She so she has reacted.

The unfortunate comment on a Netflix series that Taylor Swift condemns

Although the artist is involved in controversies every two by three, the truth is that when she speaks she does so in small doses but with texts that leave no room for doubt. She so she has done it again, this time on Twitter, against a comment heard on Ginny & Georgia, a new Netflix series about the dramas between a mother and her daughter. Specifically, the protagonists were having a discussion about Ginny’s relationships and when Georgia asked her if she had left him with her boyfriend, she replied: “What do you care? You go from one man to another faster than Taylor Swift. “. And of course, the Tennessee artist could not sit idly by.

Taylor Swift’s reaction (and her fans)

“Hey Ginny and Georgia, 2010 just got on the phone and says she wants her boring, deeply sexist comment back. How about we stop denigrating working women assuming comments like this are funny?” In addition, Taylor Swfit has also taken the opportunity to ask Netflix for explanations, with which he maintains several contracts: “By the way, Netflix, after Miss Americana this look doesn’t suit you at all. Happy Women’s History Month, I guess” concluded.

And, of course, his powerful fan club has not been slow to criticize him as well and support the singer in her response: “Proud of you for imposing yourself on this garbage. Women, especially you, deserve much more. We should never be defined by our past relationships but by what we do and how we treat others, “wrote a user on the same social network. “Tell Taylor! How sad that in 2021 people continue to judge women for their previous relationships. When society learns to respond to people, then it will be a better place,” added another. Will Netflix or the series itself have something to say about it?

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