New day, makeup trick in sight. Since there are no rules in this area, there are many beauty gurus who experiment with new techniques and products and, after making them viral, they become a trend. Especially if beauty editors and influencers have an account on Tik Tok, the platform where not only choreographies and impossible challenges triumph. In fact, makeup is one of the categories with the most views on this social network thanks to the fact that there are many tutorials and easy tricks that beauty experts give to their followers. In this sense, and if we could only keep a few, you have to know the last 9 makeup tricks that have succeeded. Some are more predictable but effective, and others will blow your mind both for their procedure and for their beautiful result. Take note and integrate them into your beauty routine this afternoon.

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Lip overlining

Do you want to have Kylie Jenner lips in the fastest way? Then you need to try the overline technique that great tiktokers like Addison Rae already put into practice. The trick is to get your lipstick and lipstick to have a similar or identical color. Then redraw the lips just above their real edge, so that you make them appear slightly larger but without being over the top. Next, fill in the inside with your lipstick (preferably liquid and matte). Then you will have to choose one of the same color but in a lighter tone to give a few touches right in the center of the lips, upper and lower. Blend and blend both shades just before adding volume with a gloss. It works!

Refine your nose with bronzer

Keeping the objective of not having to go through the operating room, we have found the trick to make your nose appear much finer. And yes, it has to do with the contouring that Kim Kardashian brought to our lives, although this specific technique was devised by the famous youtuber Nikkie Tutorials. In this photo of Dixi D’Amelio you can see very well what the effect is. The procedure? Very easy: cover your nose with bronzing powder, from top to bottom. Then, with a damp sponge, take translucent powder and create a fine line across the septum and a small touch on the tip of the nose. Let it work before removing the excess, and finally, add highlighter in the areas mentioned above.

The new way to apply foundation

If there is one makeup trick that has succeeded even for the most skeptical, it is this: the new way to apply makeup base. Apparently, it is true that the order of the factors does not alter the product because, in fact, this procedure makes you have a much prettier skin compared to what you usually get. The order is as follows: 1. Moisturizing cream, 2. Face primer, 3. Sealing powder, 4. Make-up base and 5. Fixative spray. Try it and tell us. In addition, you can be sure that there is no mask that gets rid of it, because its order also makes it a long-lasting makeup.

Wax laminated brows

Have you heard of the brow rolling trend? The technique that emerged as an alternative to microblading, and which consists of shaping the eyebrows in an upward direction and with well-groomed hair, is designed for girls with very thick eyebrows and a tendency to be rebellious. However, and since it is a chemical technique, Tik Tok has found its synonym in makeup version. How? You just need a clean gupillon and lipstick or pure wax. Run the brush through the product and comb the eyebrows. You can be sure that the result is the same and they will not mess up until you remove your makeup at the end of the day.

Fake freckles

Since last summer, the trend for fake freckles has crossed borders, tastes, and even generations. Those who have them naturally have to be happy because now everyone wants to wear them with their glowy makeup. Although before they were made with eyebrow or eye pencil, the new way that tiktokers create them is, by far, the one that works best: Select the brown shadow that best goes with your hair and apply on it with a brush to pigment powder comes out. Dump the leftovers on a piece of paper, then soak them in micellar water. Once a kind of pomade has been created, choose a thick brush but with the fibers rather separated and dab across the face, especially the cheeks and nose. Beautiful and natural.

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