Sarah Jessica Parker shines with jewel shoes in another nod to ‘Sex and the City’

The actress once again pays tribute to Carrie Bradshaw and Manolo Blahnik with a design from her own collection

Considering that Carrie Bradshaw has gone from being a mere fictional character to establishing herself as the quintessential 2000s fashion icon, Sarah Jessica Parker has done a very good job maintaining her fashion legacy. In fact, it seems as if the actress had a style so similar to that of the character designed by Patricia Field that her supposed nods to it are constant in her day-to-day life. She did so she did it recently through the brilli-brilli jacket that we could easily have seen the protagonist of the American series. But what the actress does best is to remind us of Carrie through her choice of footwear. Just like she has done today.

Sarah Jessica Parker reminds us of Carrie Bradshaw with the prettiest ‘no Manolos’

In recent months, Sarah Jessica Parker has not stopped inspiring her fans through the most beautiful shoes and, most of them, 2000’s airs. What if a pair of Mary-Janes, slouchy boots and even the highest rooms to walk with Manhattan. But, as every Sex and the City fan knows, the series wouldn’t exist without a good dose of designs created by Manolo Blahnik. The ones he has worn today, in homage to him, are already causing a real sensation among fans of the iconic series, fashionistas and, of course, those of the shoes even if they do not belong to the designer.

The best of all is the way in which, once again, the actress consolidates her peculiar style when combining clothes and accessories. Taking into account that the undisputed protagonists are the Mary-Jane style salons, with a bracelet in the middle of the instep, a jewel-style brooch and pastel blue suede, the rest of her style could not overshadow it. In this sense, Sarah Jessica Parke has integrated them into a look composed of a gray two-piece with sporty airs and, as a special touch, a pink glitter vest. Is there anything more authentic about her and Carrie Bradshaw? Probably not.

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