Lefties lingerie for real women

Comfort is the protagonist of the brand’s new underwear trends. Pastel tones and adaptability are the keys to this collection for ‘real women’

The universal tsunami that has swept through our lives in the last year, changing our habits and our way of life, has not only decisively influenced our personal relationships and the way we interact with each other, it has also been decisive in the way we dress. . Without going any further, the clothes we use to be at home, now we prefer much more flirtatious and showy. We look for new designs and we choose it with care, because we use it more than ever and we like to see ourselves beautiful and well-groomed, also indoors. Out of this new attitude emerged a trend applauded by all: comfy fashion, whose main characteristic is comfort with capital letters. And precisely that newly discovered freedom of movement now leads us to the need to simplify and renew our way of dressing also in privacy. And we all have the right to it.

The triumph of comfy fashion

And the best time is now, just when spring arrives and the first rays of sunlight awaken our senses, just when the inevitable revision of our wardrobe is imposed, when we abandon our boots to enjoy sandals, when we hang up our coat and free ourselves using fewer and lighter garments. Comfy fashion also finally reaches women’s lingerie, and it does so thanks to Lefties, which has just launched its new Spring-Summer 2021 underwear collection, Lefties Underwear Woman Collection Soft Colors. A range of simple and beautiful garments, specially designed for real women, the real ones.

Finally, underwear for ‘real women’

At the end of last year Lefties, the fashion and lifestyle firm, little sister of the Inditex group, surprised us with the successful launch of a collection of women’s underwear, a collection that has now been expanded with the imminent arrival of good weather and in response to the new feminine needs that demand lighter and more versatile designs. It is a cross-sectional range of garments, that is, for all ages, silhouettes and styles, that covers a wide range of sizes (from size S to XL) and suits us all. That is why it is easy to identify with the models in the brand’s promotion campaign, they are women with different characteristics, real women with real bodies, the kind we see every day on the street.

The hits of the collection:

The simplicity. All Lefties Underwear Woman Collection Soft Colors garment designs are very basic and simple, seeking uncomplicated comfort and are inspired by minimalist patterns. The brand’s design team has prepared a wide selection of tops, tank tops, culottes and briefs in different formats (thong, classic, Brazilian or hipster line), so that you can combine them with all kinds of outfits and easily find the one you want. most flatters you with your clothes. You are sure to find the right garments to wear under your new summer outfits.

Softmania. In addition to the essential black and white colors, the collection introduces soft colors and very feminine and spring pastel tones, such as pink, blue, lilac or beige. Chromatic choices in full trend also for your dresses and pants, which flatter all silhouettes and skin tones. They are so versatile and interchangeable shades that finding your personal look becomes a fun game. In addition, this collection also includes print details in the form of polka dots or stripes, elastics with written messages or lettering, and some concessions to the lace trim as a sophisticated wink.

Second skin effect

Bras, briefs and tops have a very fine texture, super elastic, they work on the body like a second skin, because they adapt perfectly, whatever size you have and provide the freedom of movement you are looking for at all times. In addition, they are made of 100% cotton and elastane and microfiber fabric, a textile composition that produces a soft, light and comfortable touch and favors a perfect fit, without trapping the skin, that is why they are garments that move with you.

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