Toning the whole body at once is possible with Laura Escanes’ ‘unstable iron’

Functional exercises have become the protagonists of many training circuits that take advantage of their ability to work all muscle groups globally, despite the fact that it is some in particular that take the best part. Squats, for example, are famous for their power to raise the glutes and tone the lower body, however, during the execution of this movement that mimics the descent that you perform when sitting on a chair the core (abdominal part and lower part of the back) also kicks in. Although to really achieve a flat stomach, it is the iron that has displaced the abdominals of all life as the most effective method and, to further enhance its results, Laura Escanes practices it in a more complex version on an unstable platform .

The ‘influencer’ practices a variant of this functional exercise with which her results are enhanced

In addition to the dance classes with which she inadvertently burns calories, Laura Escanes also does not forget her appointment with her personal trainer, Crys Dyaz, the professional athlete with whom Alice Campello or Blanca SuΓ‘rez also work. In her sessions, functional exercises are part of the training, however, in the execution other elements come into play such as the unstable platform on which the influencer must maintain balance while practicing the plank. Forwards and backwards, from side to side … the springs on which this surface is supported move constantly, which makes the body always remain in tension to maintain the posture, which enhances its level of toning. and also how quickly the results are noticeable.

Before her class, Laura reminds her followers that, like many, sometimes her motivation fails: “This morning we have also taken the opportunity to give it a go πŸ’ͺ🏻”, writes the mother of Roma, “these months I have lost weight but I am with zero force so we have to go back to top πŸ˜… “. No sooner said than done, for she finished the entire exercise session and stood on the unstable surface without puffing.

In addition to Laura, Ariadne Artiles also practices the iron and, in fact, even she launched a challenge a while ago through her networks in which she encouraged her fans to follow her example. It was called “one minute of plank removes the belly” and, as the title given by the Canary Islands explains, it consisted of staying 60 seconds a day for 3 weeks in this position lying face down in which the whole body weight is supported on the palms of the hands and the tips of the feet. As requirements to achieve a perfect technique, the back must remain straight and aligned with the rest of the body and the muscles remain in tension for the duration of the exercise. A perfect challenge to familiarize yourself with the fashionable posture to achieve a flat stomach and then move on to more difficult versions like that of the influencer.

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