First it was Victoria and now Nicola Peltz! Brooklyn also shares beauty tips with his girlfriend

Since they confirmed their courtship at the end of last year, Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz are one of the most in love and followed couples on the current social scene. And yes, at this point in the film we have no doubt that his was love at first sight, a crush that even Victoria Beckham herself, quite critical of some of her previous conquests, gladly approved to the point of considering the actress one more of the family. In fact, Brooklyn and Nicola are currently undergoing quarantine in her apartment in New York, a ‘litmus test’ that – as reflected in her social networks – they are far exceeding. Perhaps it was their passion for photography, tattoos or fashion and, now also, for cosmetic treatments, which made this couple find the oven of their shoe in the other and did not hesitate, despite their young age , start a common project of the most mature.

And the fact is that the taboo that revolved around beauty treatments years ago is disappearing, has allowed men to express their love for cosmetics with total freedom. And of course, having a mother – with whom, by the way, he has shared a beauty trick – and a girlfriend who live fully in this world, it was to be expected that Brooklyn would also be interested in it. No sooner said than done. Yesterday the couple, between photoshoot and love message, took a break to take care of her skin with a facial mask. Of course, and in order not to lose the habit, they did not hesitate to share this beauty session with their millions of followers, where they made it clear that, together, they are capable of everything. Taking into account that we have not had air and sun on our faces for a few weeks, now is the perfect time to do this type of treatment and recover the hydration, softness and luminosity of the face. And that, having the former Spice Girl as a mother, is something that the photographer has instilled since he was a child.

funny as the couple

A beauty day for which young people bet on two most comfortable looks, although, yes, without losing a bit of style. Nicola opted for a sporty white total look and Brooklyn for a basic white T-shirt and sweatpants. Could there be something better than doing a beauty session with your partner and also wearing the most comfortable clothes from your spacious closet? David and Victoria’s son put the clasp to the at home styling with an orange ribbon that held his hair so that the baby hair would not bother him and, in this way, they would allow the mask to act with total effectiveness. The pose to share the moment, as funny as the couple seems to be. A bomb-proof relationship … or, at least, quarantine.

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