Champagne and salt: the expert trick for some urgent surf waves

Sometimes a toast with champagne and good people can make problems improve considerably, or even disappear! although the latter may have more to do with the company and a change of perspective than with a ‘super power’ of this bubbly drink. But what we have discovered is that it can help you achieve perfect messy waves. And all thanks to Adir Abergel, celebrity hairdresser, and an anecdote with Jessica Biel that she just shared on social networks.

If you don’t have a specific product on hand, this combination can help!

Many times we think that it takes a lot of products and devices to achieve a red carpet hairstyle, but this is not always the case. If not, ask this hair stylist – through whose hands celebrities such as Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart or Miley Cyrus have passed – when on a work trip to London with Jessica Biel (in 2010) he lost his suitcase with all the material and had to improvise something McGyver-style to make her client look perfect.

This is the account of the events, shared on his Instagram profile: “I just landed in London and I remembered that time I lost my work kit and had to do Jessica Biel’s hair for the premiere of ‘The A-team’ I didn’t have time to buy anything and ended up using yesterday’s champagne as a volumizer, and mixed a small teaspoon of salt in half a glass of water as a texturizer. Then I asked for a hairdryer at the hotel reception and used the publicist’s tweezers. The finale ended up being one of my favorite red carpet looks. ” Incredible but true.

It is possible that you already knew the effect of salt water on your hair to achieve a natural surfer result -especially because of how your hair reacts on the beach-, but it is unlikely that you knew that champagne can help give shine and volume to your hair, and even to give it a flattering golden sparkle if your hair is blonde. Quite a discovery.

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