From Hollywood to the world: Invisalign, the most requested treatment in dental aesthetics

According to a study conducted by Impress, a company specializing in invisible orthodontics, “5 out of 10 people believe that they would be more successful in love if they had a better smile.” Apart from personal success in dating, what is a reality is that -after the continued use of sanitary masks- the demand for aesthetic treatments has skyrocketed. And not only those related to the beautification of the look, also with the mouth. Dr. Juliana Mattozi, from Toro Mattozi, details the seven aesthetic treatments that can lead you to achieve the teeth of your dreams: brackets, cosmetic recontouring, implants, porcelain veneers, micro veneers, composite veneers and, of course, Invisalign, the most requested . How is it different and why has this method become the favorite of the famous and, now, also that of anyone in search of an aesthetic change at the oral level? The experts take you out of doubt.

What is Invisalign and why is it the most requested in dental clinics

Dr. Andres Sánchez from the Turrión Monescillo Clinic and specialized in advanced surgery and implants, with training in aesthetics in Los Angeles, tells us: “They are transparent covers that are placed on the teeth and that produce their movement until the position we want. An ideal or desired position. ” The treatment itself consists of moving the teeth to the desired position using transparent splints. As stated by the doctor, it is “without any doubt” the most requested service right now: “There is a large population, especially younger ones, who are looking for an orthodontic treatment that is invisible and more comfortable,” he confirms.

Is this the definitive replacement of traditional orthodontics?

Yes, when once the assessment is done the case allows it: “Think that it is a very clean treatment because you do not have things stuck to your teeth, then you can remove the covers to clean them. It is very comfortable also because it does not scratch the lips, nor the gums and it is a treatment that, instead of being like the old one with wires, is digital so it is much more predictable “, adds the doctor in relation to the way in which, in most clinics, you can see which it will be the result once the time established by the specialist has passed. “What you plan from the beginning is easier to accomplish than with the old methods, which was trial and error,” he adds. On the other hand, experts point to a much more frequent maintenance, since with traditional orthodontics the visit to the dentist was guaranteed at least once a month to move the wires. In the case of Invisalign, “the splints can be changed even every week but from home, therefore reducing the treatment time. It is much faster.”

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