How the ‘celebrities’ want us to change our habits and live better

We review the signatures and collaborations that reflect the new lifestyle of the entire society

That the last twelve months have transformed our lives is something, clearly, undeniable. Leaving the offices for teleworking, replacing gyms with parks and paddle tennis courts, or cooking at home instead of eating in restaurants are three changes that have spread in this time of pandemic … and that those who know the most business have not wanted to waste. If the tracksuit and knitwear have become best sellers of all clothing firms, sports, beauty and food brands have also signed up for the transformation, keeping, yes, celebrities as their best ambassadors. Cara Delevingne, Pharrel Williams or Jennifer Lopez are just three of the ultra-well-known faces that support a movement focused on taking care of ourselves more … and being happier, something that no one is considering rejecting at this time.

The new outdoor sport, by Cara Delevingne, Pharrel Williams …

When the gyms closed in March (and we all locked ourselves at home at the same time), a new way of exercising opened up before us: dumbbells, a mat, resistance bands and, most importantly, online routines -like this- or workouts in streaming made up the sport in the living room at home. A trend that has not only continued after confinement, but has grown, with the consequent suffering for indoor sports centers, which, despite taking all possible precautions, saw how fears and restrictions were reducing their clientele ( and your income). And it seems that the preference will continue and will also add training in parks, streets and other outdoor spaces in which we feel more protected.

The new sportswear launches anticipate this: while model Cara Delevingne poses for the Puma campaign in a park – when at another time she was photographed, for example, in a boxing ring – Pharrel Williams’ signature Bee Line , joins forces with Timberland and presents a capsule collection “specially designed to enjoy hiking and outdoor life”, as explained by the brand. The also model Devon Windsor, meanwhile, launched a few weeks ago her first collection of tops and leggings -with some photos also taken outdoors-, while athleisure returns in style with the help of an expert, Kendall Jenner and his new mixes with tights and comfortable shoes to be able to walk to all places. Exercising has never been so integrated into everyday life, let’s take advantage of the trend.

Less makeup, more cosmetics for beautiful (and healthy) skin

If the way of training has been transformed, it has also been due in part to the obligation to use a sanitary mask in any space, gyms included. When that accessory came into our lives, we knew instantly that many routines would change. For example, the daily use of lipstick would pass away. What we did not imagine last July is that, after months with hardly any makeup during confinement, we would use much less makeup than before the pandemic. Skin care – the best trick to look beautiful without foundation, highlighter or blush – thus became a priority. The direct consequence? The launch of dozens of new brands of creams, masks and other cosmetic products, many of them created by celebrities or influencers such as Kylie Jenner, Victoria Beckham or Emily Ratajkowski. The model has been one of the last to join, with a brand of hydrogel masks, Loops Beauty, in which she acts as creative director. But if there is a cosmetic firm that has been talked about in recent weeks, it is undoubtedly Jennifer Lopez.

The star from the Bronx, who at 51 maintains wonderful skin – that we would like many of 30 -, recently said that she has never resorted to medical-aesthetic interventions such as Botox, that the formula for her beauty is a very healthy lifestyle -no drink, no smoke, eat well, exercise, drink enough water and sleep 8 hours a day- and her two favorite cosmetics: sunscreen – she has been using it since she is 20 years old – and serum. Both are, of course, part of her facial care line, JLo Beauty, a simple and comprehensive daily ritual proposal that also includes the latest of Jennifer Lopez’s best anti-aging secrets: taking supplements daily.

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