The arrival of spring not only implies the change of wardrobe, but the light and good weather push us to want to enjoy that joy beyond clothes, in our home. For this reason, when the season is new, we also usually want to make some transformations in the decoration of our house towards more cheerful colors, with details that evoke the holidays โ€ฆ or simply, adding some colored flowers that, as soon as we get up, transmit us the energy of this beautiful time. Do you want inspiration to redecorate your bedroom? We have listed 9 tricks that the influencers with the best taste always repeat.

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Cheerful colors (in contrast)

White, pastel blue, beige โ€ฆ Generally, we opt for soft and more or less neutral tones to decorate our room. And although, according to the psychology of color, it can be a success to create a space of tranquility, the truth is that, in the face of spring, it is much more desirable to bring joy to this space with more fun tones. Of course, instead of painting the walls or buying a full color carpet, do like Belรฉn Hostalet and take advantage of the bedding (cushions, sheets, quilt, etc.) to, on a neutral chromatic palette, add the tones that you fancy every season.

A mirror leaning on the floor

It not only serves to make the best selfies (which too), but a mirror gives amplitude and multiplies the light of any space. Therefore, it is an element that should never be missing in your room, much less if it is small. Can’t you hang it on the wall? Better: put it directly on the ground because you can see in this photo of Belรฉn Hostalet that it looks great.

Standing mirror

Same as Belรฉn Hostalet’s. It fits great in classic bedrooms, but also in more minimalist and modern environments as it will add a retro touch.

Painted paper

A decoration trend that more and more girls are joining is wallpaper, especially with nature motifs that add an exotic touch to your bedroom. Use it only on one wall, as the headboard of the bed, as the model Mirian Pรฉrez has done with this black and white paper that fits so well with other natural elements such as the wicker lamp or the thick knitted blanket.

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