Chiara Ferragni, in the final stretch of pregnancy, has good and bad news to tell

It seems that it was yesterday when Chiara Ferragni starred in one of the moments of the baby boom of last year, announcing through little Leo that she was also part of the clan of the most VIPS future moms. Since that precise moment, the Italian influencer has not let her millions of followers be misinformed at any time. And that is just what has just happened that, in the final stretch of pregnancy, she has gone to the doctor and, later, telling her fans all about the little girl, that she is already on her way.

Chiara Ferragni informs her followers about the latest updates on her pregnancy

A few weeks after ending the third trimester, Chiara Ferragni has gone to a routine appointment with her doctor, in order to check that everything is still in order and it has been. Once at home, the Italian businesswoman and designer has uploaded a few videos to update her followers. This is what she has told: “Hello guys, I come from my visit with the doctor today and everything is fine. The placenta is fine, the girl is growing and has overcome the weight of Leo when she was born,” she says. Afterwards, she has compared him how it was with her first child: “He was born in week 37 (just where she is right now) because I had a problem with the placenta from week 32 and they had to induce labor. it’s fine, they have sent me rest, “he continues.

The bad news: Mati, Chiara Ferragni’s dog, is not going through her best moment of health

In addition, Chiara has assured that she always thought that her daughter would be born in a similar way to Leo, which is good news because at the moment everything indicates that this time she will be a natural childbirth. “I was almost certain that the little girl was going to be born at the same time for some reason but no, she prefers to wait a little longer and that is good news,” she wrote. In the next video, he continued: d “And the bad news is that Mati has glaucoma in her right eye so we have to put different drops on her. Send her good vibes. She was able to recover from a brain tumor last summer thanks to radiotherapy, so hopefully he’ll recover from this one too, “he concluded.

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