A fast, long-lasting and even tan? Paula Echevarría shares her tricks to get it

After showing us all the makeup basics she uses to achieve that natural good-looking effect, Paula Echevarría has once again heeded the famous saying that “sharing is living” and has responded to the wishes of those followers who wanted to know the secret hidden behind her flawless tan. As she herself has indicated, one of the questions that she receives the most from her fans revolves around doubts about how to achieve that golden skin tone throughout the year. And her response is going to become, from today, your new my indispensable beauty ritual.

Through a series of videos that she has shared on her social networks, Paula has confessed that she follows a 3-step routine, very similar to the one recommended by experts, based on 4 products that you can buy online, focused on preparing the skin , protect it from the sun, lengthen the tan and acquire that attractive golden tone.

Step 1: Prepare the skin

According to the actress, the number 1 rule to prepare the skin if you are looking for a beautiful, uniform and long-lasting tan is “use an exfoliant that removes dead cells.” In her case, she uses e’lifexir’s Cacao Sense Exfoliating Emulsion, which also has a reducing and firming function. Unlike other cosmetics of this type, it is so gentle that you can use it in the shower daily without the risk of damaging or irritating the skin. One of the details that have conquered Paula is her smell of chocolate, “it makes you want to eat it,” says the actress.

Second, she applies a tanning activator. More specifically, she is a product from the Comfort Zone line, Sun Soul Cream Gel, which she started using last year. “You get very dark, very fast,” explains the actress, stressing that you should always use it under the sunscreen, since otherwise you increase the risk of burns.

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2- Apply the protective cream

Next, the protective cream should be applied. Due to her skin tone, brown by nature, Paula uses an oil with a very low protection factor, SPF 15, although on her face she does opt for a total protection of SPF 50. Although it changes throughout the summer, due to the speed with which you consume this type of cosmetics, right now you are using Lancôme Soleil Bronze oil, a dry product whose application is very clean and “does not leave the skin sticky”.

3- A body oil

Last but not least, Paula uses Golden Radiance Body Oil from Freshly Cosmetics. A one hundred percent natural cosmetic formulated based on 12 vegetable oils that, in addition to giving the final touch to the tan to achieve that golden and shiny tone, treats stretch marks, cellulite and provides the skin with the extra hydration it needs during the months Of summer. “To show off a leg and make the brunette look pretty, is the best,” concludes the actress.

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