Ester Exposito defends this trend that promises to sweep away 21 years later

If you like tulle tops with ‘retro’ style motifs, your favorite stores are full

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the spring-summer 2021 trends is the way in which the large international fashion firms are betting on reminiscences of decades of the past. Thus, the 70s are visible through flare-cut pants, the 80s with shine and structured shoulders and the 90s return to the purest athleisure style. However, the controversial 2000s have also been sweeping away from designs and structures that you never thought would make their way into your wardrobe again. And yet, more and more style referents, like Ester Exposito, support the motion. In this case, the actress has opted for a tulle top that, easily, you could have already seen Bella Hadid and that you cannot lose sight of.

The 2000 style top that, thanks to Ester Exposito, will go viral

Not only is she one of the Spanish actresses with the most international projection, but Ester Expósito is also consolidated as a style icon within and outside our borders. In recent months, the Netflix star has proven to be adept at the most daring trends of the moment and, more specifically, a very specific trend that reminds us of supermodels such as Bella Hadid or Kendall Jenner: the return of the 2000. She has already shown it with her constant recurrence to athleisure style and even with the slouchy boots of which Sarah Jessica Parker is an ambassador. The last test? A photo with the tulle top and print from that decade that, thanks to her, everyone will want to have in her wardrobe.

The most trendy cotton crop top by Ester Exposito

The style proposal of the actress coincides with the international age of the Paloma Wool firm, to which the design worn by the actress belongs. This crop top is called Sky (59 euros) and it is a long-sleeved organic cotton tulle t-shirt with a pattern arranged in panels and simulating the blue sky. The Spanish designer has been one of the great emerging companies in the industry for a few months and Ester Expósito has not hesitated to support her style proposal but also that of the most controversial fashion of the 2000s. His fans are already echoing low cost firms like Bershka.

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