Elegant, comfortable and trendy, everyone changes their shirt for this spring vest

The wild card garment with which fashion experts and trend lovers have managed to update basic looks with minimal effort remains the winning bet for this new season. We refer to the vest, a design that has been taken up in a multitude of proposals in recent months: from the versatile knitted models of colors and prints to the XL-length creations that function as a dress or the denim designs approved by icons such as Bella Hadid. In the coming months, the vest will not leave the closet, but its simple aesthetic becomes somewhat more sophisticated, without losing its minimalist spirit at all. From Copenhagen to Madrid, the most followed prescribers surrender to the working silhouette vest, a fitted model that maximally favors the body.

Knitted designs give way to these ‘working’ inspiration bets that are also suitable for informal looks

The vest that is drawn as a style hit for this Spring / Summer has a fitted silhouette. Inspired by the classic vest that is integrated into jacket and trouser suits, its cut is slightly cinched at the waist, something that helps to highlight the waist in the most discreet way, especially if it looks open. Some influencers have already changed the wool vest typical of the cold months for this relay made of linen and other light materials and, although each one takes the garment to its own terrain and personal style, there are some links that we could define as a trend . The working aesthetic vest is imposed in monocolor or ton sur ton sets (those mixtures that combine garments of the same tone but with different shades, for example, chocolate brown with light brown), the ideal formula to develop outfits close to the trends in record time.

As we said, this type of vest works in favor of the body when it is fastened. Why? Unlike the bets of loose lines, this fitted silhouette helps to enhance the curves in the most subtle way, visually narrowing the waist and highlighting the bust area. Fashion expert and creative director Pernille Teisbaek also says yes to the casual version of the suit vest and, following the most repeated style trick among prescribers, she also wears it in a solid color look, this time in beige and with Mango garments. One of the first to surrender to this type of vest was Marรญa Fernรกndez Rubรญes, with a knitted creation that mixes the relaxed aesthetics of the most popular vests with the sophisticated silhouette of the models closest to the working wardrobe.

At Zara they go one step further with the ‘cropped’ version

After seeing how the classic blazer was reduced in size to reveal the abdomen with the alternatives of cropped cut and after verifying that the usual cardigan in spring is transformed into a micro-cardigan approved even by Chanel, it seems that Zara has chosen to transfer this trend as well to the vest. Among its latest innovations, the textile giant has included an original short vest, a linen model with a double button that is combined with trousers of the same tone, following the one-color mix approved by the best-dressed girls. You know, to invest in a key garment with which to differentiate your look from the most recurring bets, nothing better than the working vest, the style hit to make a difference without great effort.

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