Paula Echevarría and the comfortable triple trend look in the final stretch of her pregnancy

The actress has found the perfect style for her 8th month of pregnancy

There are just a few weeks left for Paula Echevarría to give birth to her second child, the first of her together with soccer player Miguel Torres, but the actress is not spending this final time sitting down. We see her play sports, share family plans … and also continue to maintain the style that her followers admire so much, which in networks exceed 3.4 million. Today, on a visit to her beauty center, Paula has given further proof that being 8 months pregnant is not an impediment to following her favorite trends, although, of course, comfort rules when dressing right now .

The triple trend look of Paula Echevarría

As a good follower of fashion – she even has her own signature – hers, Paula Echevarría knows and dares with all the trends of the moment. On this occasion, she has opted for two of the most viewed proposals of the moment: the lilac color – in her bag and in the flowers on the dress – and the white sneakers. But the real super trend that she advances with this look is the combination that, as temperatures begin to rise more and more, we will see everywhere: wearing minidresses with sneakers. The interpreter has found in this duo the perfect formula to be comfortable and not get hot -Madrid today exceeds 20 degrees- and, at the same time, maintain her style, something that is not so simple less than a month after giving birth .

The ideal minidress for pregnant women

The flattering design chosen today by Paula has a wide cut perfect to be comfortable with the tummy. In addition, the long puffed sleeves and the ‘V’ neckline stylize the upper body, while the hem above the knee is ideal when we want the legs to appear longer and thus, for example, avoid heels, such as and how she has done. Her shoes, however, do incorporate some platform: 5 centimeters, exactly, according to the description of the firm to which they belong, Hogan, on her website. They are the Rebel model with silver details (360 euros) and it is not the first time that Paula wears them.

Two identical accessories, two very different looks

In fact, today, she shared this other look on her networks with those same sneakers. Also the lilac bag – Pinko’s – is the one that she has taken to her visit to her beauty center, although she has worn it in her hand instead of crossed as a shoulder bag. What she had nothing to do with is the protagonist garment of the outfits: if here we saw her with an original Bershka college sweatshirt as a dress, she preferred the floral minidress on the street. Two very different looks that demonstrate the versatility of a special bag and white sneakers.

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