Meghan Markle is inspired by Diana of Wales to make up her eyes

After a beginning of the month with a royal agenda full of events and appointments in which she has had a relevant role, Meghan Markle has just taken her maternity leave. A parenthesis that will allow him to rest in the final stretch of her pregnancy and prepare for the arrival of the new member of her family. And, despite being a few weeks away from giving birth, the wife of Prince Harry of England has not slowed down her work rate until now; a parade of events, trips and styles with which she has confirmed that, although she has a marked maternity belly, she continues to take care of each of her looks, in terms of fashion and beauty.

The Duchess of Sussex could be following in the ‘beauty’ footsteps of another major British style icon

Whether at daytime events, where she chooses trend jewelry or pleated minidresses or evening galas, where she resorts to elegant guest designs, Meghan Markle never disappoints her followers. A success in terms of clothing that she always achieves thanks to one of her leading brands: Carolina Herrera, Strathberry, Hugo Boss, Dior, etc. A fidelity that we also find in her outfits, her beauty. In addition to her already characteristic bows in a polished or messy version, the Duchess of Sussex always opts for a make-up in which her gaze becomes the main protagonist: lips in nude tones, defined cheekbones and marked eyes, thanks to the power of the eyeliner in two tones. Along with several layers of mascara, Meghan chooses to emphasize her upper eyelid with a dark pencil, while for the lower one she opts for a lighter shade, combined with her iris. A style that took, decades ago, another royal: Diana of Wales. Like the Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry’s mother also used this beauty product when creating her beauty looks. His technique of hers? Define the mobile eyelid with dark tones and combine them, in the lower part, with a blue pencil, according to the color of her eyes.

Although for several years the eyeliner was Diana of Wales’ best ally, in the mid-90s the princess changed her style, after listening to the advice of her stylist Mary Greenwell, an expert who convinced her to change the pencil for a good mascara: “The light eyes should not have pencil or shadows in the same tone, that erases the look,” explained the makeup artist a few years ago. Will Meghan Markle follow in the footsteps of Diana of Wales or will she, on the contrary, keep kohl as her best basic when it comes to putting on makeup?

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