Ana de Armas’s mysterious tattoo: can you guess its meaning?

The actress has engraved on her right hand a date in Roman numerals: 12-28-2020

For love, to mark an important date or simply for fun, there are many models, actresses and celebrities who have joined the fashion of tattoos. Generally in a minimalist version, once they start, they all tend to repeat. This is the case of Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham, who have engraved with ink on her body the name and the look of her partner, respectively, or Kaia Gerber, who even dared to tattoo herself at home (a adventure that she does not recommend imitating). Well, the last to add a new design to her collection has been Ana de Armas, with a most mysterious tattoo whose meaning we are going to try to find out.

Ana de Armas’s new tattoo

Last Friday the actress published on her social networks a video in which she showed how she put on makeup to, as we can deduce from the rest of the images, attend the filming of her new movie, The Gray Man. In one of those videos, Ana she applies the mascara while the camera records her at an angle that reveals her new tattoo, located on the side of her right hand. A design in Roman numerals that, if we translate, seems to refer to a specific date: 28 12 2020.

But what happened on December 28 of last year? Although the event that led the protagonist of Daggers from behind to get a tattoo on that date is a mystery, it should be noted that the season coincides with the moment when she decided to change her look and go for a bob haircut with bangs. It could also refer to the birthday of one of her two dogs, from which she does not separate even during the filming sessions.

With this, the actress already adds three tattoos: a heart on her left ankle, a crescent on the inside of her right wrist and her newly released Roman numerals. All of them in black and minimalist style. And, although the first two seem to be more aesthetic or random, the fact that the latter refers to such a specific date has raised doubts about its possible meaning. Place your bets!

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