‘These two are the best!’: Victoria Beckham’s beautiful message to her son Brooklyn and Nicola

The designer has once again demonstrated the love she feels for her son’s future wife

From the beginning of their relationship, Nicola Peltz was perfectly integrated into the Brooklyn family. So much so, that Victoria Beckham herself was in charge of announcing the couple’s engagement through an idyllic photograph of both that she published on her networks. Since that time, there have been several occasions in which the designer has publicly shown the affection that she feels for the actress and her admiration for the couple that she forms with her son. The last of them has arrived this weekend, when the former Spice Girl has published a photograph of the lovers, which has been accompanied by a nice message: “!! These two are the most !! I love you @brooklynbeckham @nicolaannepeltz “. In the picture, the photographer kisses her fiancee, dressed in a stunning white sequined minidress, while he embraces her with her left hand in front of what looks like a bar counter. A stamp that Brooklyn has also shared in her profile, in her case as a small video, a declaration of love included.

Nicola, Victoria Beckham’s favorite model

Victoria’s good relationship with her daughter-in-law is nothing new. In fact, last summer he chose her as a model for her fashion brand, making her an ambassador for her Pre fall / winter 2020 collection through two bohemian-style dresses and floral print, which the actress looked proud of. “Thank you for letting me wear your clothes every day. I love you,” Nicola commented next to one of the photographs that she posted on her networks. A luxury that she also enjoyed, shortly after, the girlfriend of hers, her son Romeo, Mia Regan, who she also commissioned Victoria to design various creatives for her collection.

But not only Victoria has given her approval to Brooklyn’s girlfriend. As we have been able to verify on numerous occasions, the actress gets along wonderfully with all the members of her family, especially the youngest ones, whom she already names as hers “her little brothers”. Precisely, Harper has earned a very special place in the heart of Nicola, of whom she has said on several occasions that he is the “sweetest and most adorable little human being” as well as her “dream little sister” . Recently, the photographer shared a video of his fiancee and the youngest of the Beckham family, joking and dancing during a walk.

Personal and professional success

Details that have made Brooklyn and Nicola’s relationship go from strength to strength. And, although the date of their wedding has not yet been confirmed, the truth is that each step they take only consolidates the love they profess. A fairy tale to which the professional success of both is added. In the case of him as a photographer, and in the case of the actress, taking another step in her career after obtaining approval to shoot a film whose script she wrote 3 years ago and of which she will also be the protagonist and co-director.

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