Walking and a ‘healthy’ breakfast: Paula Echevarría’s tricks to keep fit on vacation

After spending a few days in Asturias, a community from which Paula Echevarría is originally, the actress is enjoying Marbella with her partner, Miguel Torres. From there she has shared one of her most spectacular bikini poses, in which she boasts of being a great guy and that has revolutionized social networks in a matter of hours. A silhouette that the interpreter cares for every day. The clearest example is found in her stories in which she has revealed how the morning begins when she is on vacation.

Paula has published a video in which it is possible to see her walking along the promenade of the Andalusian city. Although she doesn’t look like she’s practicing running since she’s holding hands with Miguel, the sportswear she wears gives a clue to the intensity of the pace. Walking is actually a good option to keep fit. Power walking is one of the most recommended activities for those girls who hate going to the gym or who can’t do it. And, as confirmed by a study published in The Journal of Nutrition and developed by two German universities, to preserve the figure it would be enough to walk 150 minutes a week at a pace of about 6 km / h.

exercise before having breakfast

Although Paula does this exercise before having breakfast – judging by the order in which she has shared her stories – many experts also advise taking a walk after meals to speed up the metabolism. This trick, which Italians have practiced for many years and called passeggiata, is usually more effective if done after dinner. According to another study, this time from George University (Washington), in that case it would be enough to do it for 15 minutes and at a less intense pace. And we cannot forget that doing sports increases the heart rate and adrenaline levels and, therefore, the possibilities of suffering insomnia if it is done before going to bed.

The Asturian actress knows that moving is essential, but that a healthy diet is essential to stay in shape. Therefore, she chooses a complete and balanced breakfast to start the day. According to Harvard University, for this first meal to be perfect, it must have fruits, vegetables, unprocessed whole grains, proteins and healthy fats. Something that meets the one that Paula has shared with her followers. Her cereal bread toasts, with avocado and sesame, ensure a supply of fiber, protein and basic healthy fats to face the morning. Celery, lime, ginger and avocado juice, vitamins and minerals. And the coffee with coconut milk, a plus of energy.

Surely you have been especially struck by the shot of 100% pure ginger –that stings, as the interpreter explained– with which Paula wanted to complete her breakfast. Bella Hadid assures that she drinks these types of shots when she is tired and needs a boost of energy. The model Elsa Hosk takes it every morning in a preparation in which she mixes it with lemon juice and cayenne to purify her body. Sara Carbonero assures that she is addicted to this powerful antioxidant. And it is that the ingredient that she has conquered a good number of celebrities has infinite properties. In addition to its high fiber content, it is rich in carbohydrates and vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6 and E. But perhaps one of its most striking properties is that it is a thermogenic food, capable of increasing the temperature body and activate metabolism. A quality that makes it a good ally when looking to lose fat.

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