The legend of François Nars and the 12 lipsticks of success

25 years ago François Nars founded NARS Cosmetics, a brand that was born out of the makeup artist’s need to find certain cosmetics that, in the 90s, were not sold. The result was the launch of 12 lipsticks in the luxurious Barneys New York department store, and the collection was so well received that he decided to create a complete line of makeup and skin care products. In addition to his enormous talent for beautifying the faces of his models, it would not take long for him to discover a passion for photography that led him to immortalize the first campaign of his beauty firm himself. Thanks to his backstage experience, François Nars has created over the years innovative products that have become beauty icons (such as the Orgasm Blush), a journey to success that he celebrates today with the launch of 72 shades of lipsticks.

Throughout the years of his career, Monsieur Nars has collaborated with other greats such as Karl Lagerfeld, Versace, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren … an experience with which he has honed his visionary gift of beauty. Since then, NARS Cosmetics has sold some of the most sought-after cosmetics on the market: such as The Multiple, the multipurpose stick in cream format that can be used on cheeks, lips or eyelids; Orgasm blush, a cult product with the ability to universally favor any skin tone; or the Radiant Creamy Concealer, which has become an essential for every beauty expert.

In addition to creating formulas that are part of the makeup rituals of millions of women throughout the world, the artist has also published several photography books (X-RAY) and beauty manuals (Makeup Your Mind) that inspire and teach equal parts. A successful career for which in 2016 he received the Legion of Honor, one of the highest distinctions in France.

To this day, François continues to be the creative director of the brand, which celebrates its 25th anniversary with the 12 primordial lipstick shades: Honolulu Honey, Blonde Venus, Funny Face, Heat Wave, Scarlet Empress, Trans Siberian, Morocco, Casablanca, Red Lizard, Shanghai Express, Jungle Red and Transeurope Express, which differ from the rest due to their maroon packaging. In addition, the new collection incorporates another 60 shades with the black packaging that complete an impressive range of 72 colors that travel from nude to the darkest purple. They can be found in different finishes including matte, glossy, or satin. A spectacular collection that summarizes with this mantra: No rules. Only lips.

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