The worst dressed of the week is Galilea Montijo

If there is a character that we never want to see on this list, it is precisely our beloved host Galilea Montijo. And we love her charisma and personality, as well as her unique style when it comes to dressing.

Generally, Galilea looks good on everything: from the most casual and “hip-hop” look – which she is a fan of – to the most feminine and glamorous. And the best thing is that everything looks good on her. However, this week she had a bad advice and she surprised us with an outfit that left much to be desired. And that’s why she is our worst dressed of the week today.

Yesterday, Gali appeared on the Hoy program, broadcast by Televisa, with a look that mixed styles and patterns. Later, we could better appreciate it on her Instagram account where she shares her day-to-day life and we discovered what was wrong with this outfit. Here we tell you.

The dress

Let’s start with the obvious: the dress. While it is true that the asymmetric cut that is shorter at the front and longer at the back has been in trend on several occasions, it is not a very flattering cut for anyone and, especially, if the back does not reach the end of the shoe. , because the idea is that it is a combination of a gala dress with a shorter cocktail dress. This is how this style was originally conceived and this version is neither one thing nor the other.

On the other hand, that classic saying that has saved many and that says “less is more” never goes out of style. So you have to take care when choosing a design, and especially if it is for the day, that it is not full of different concepts like this dress does: flowers, asymmetrical skirt, puffed sleeves, neckline with transparent polka dot fabric and perkins collar in black fabric. Anything else?

The design accompanied it with a pair of stilettos with an open-toe platform and laces, made with suede, from the Charlotte Olympia brand. I don’t know what you guys think, but maybe it wasn’t the type of footwear that best suited the style of the dress.

Probably, if that lace-like fabric with the black collar had been removed, it would not have been so terrible. But as it is, we consider that it was not the best look of her. Something that surprises us a lot, because this week Galilea wore a green animal print slip dress from the same firm of this unfortunate design, Latin Gal Boutique, which made us delirious about how cute it was.

So, as we always say, this was just a bad moment for the nice and talented host. Nothing to worry about.

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