How to tie-dye to transform your clothes

If you want to renew your look this summer, try the tie-dye technique inspired by hippie fashion. Learn how to dye your clothes at home with these simple steps

If you are looking for a project to entertain you this summer while you renew your look, the ‘tie-dye’ is just what you need. This technique consists of dyeing your clothes with different colors and patterns that are very reminiscent of hippie fashion.

Best of all, this trend is easy to replicate, since you can achieve this effect from the comfort of your home with simple materials.

Here we tell you how to make β€˜tie-dye’ to give your outfits a unique touch.

According to the specialized blog The Spruce Crafts, this is what you need to make your own ‘tie-dye’ clothes.


  • A white or light-colored garment
  • Textile paint
  • Rubber gloves
  • Rubber bands
  • Bottles with spout
  • Plastic bag

Before you begin, The Spruce Crafts recommends that you get comfortable and wear clothes that you don’t mind staining. For added protection, you can use an apron.

Similarly, it is important that you cover your work area with plastic bags to avoid spills on the floor or nearby surfaces. If possible, do this craft in the garden, patio, or in a ventilated area.

For its part, the ‘tie-dye’ kit brand Tulip suggests that you choose garments made from natural fibers such as cotton, rayon or silk for best results, since synthetic fabrics do not absorb the dye properly.

When you have chosen your garment, wash it and let it dry until it is a little damp. According to the Urban Outfitters blog, the dye will apply best if the clothes get wet first.

Next, put on your gloves and prepare the dye according to the directions on the package, so that you use the correct proportions of water and coloring. Once the mixture is ready, pour it into the spout bottles. You can use a single color for a casual fade look or mix multiple shades for a psychedelic look.

It’s time to start dyeing. Select the technique of your preference, be it spiral, stripes, circles, gradient, or bring out your creative side to make your own design. Then fold and twist the fabric until you get the desired shape.

Use the necessary rubber bands to keep your design in place. Apply the dye following the pattern you want; then flip to dye the back as well. Make sure the paint soaks into the fibers of the fabric.

When you’re done, put the garment in a closed plastic bag and allow it to sit for six to eight hours to brighten the color, Tulip explains. With the help of gloves, remove the clothes from the bag, remove the garters and spread it out.

For the first wash, The Spruce Crafts advises that you rinse the garment with warm water and gradually lower the temperature. Remember to wash it individually so it does not stain other pieces of clothing.

You will know that your tie-dye is ready when the wash water runs clear. Now you can show off your shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, scarves or cloth bags decorated with striking patterns, worthy of the 70s.

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