The trick to perfect waves or the new trendy hairstyle?

Stella Maxwell has been photographed with her hair full of clips at the Cannes Film Festival

It is becoming more and more common to see what happens behind the scenes on a shoot or photo session. The making of and social networks have taken us to sites that were previously inaccessible and we have discovered the secrets behind a look or makeup or practical expert tricks to apply in our day to day or on special occasions. But, can you imagine someone taking pictures of you in the process of getting highlights or a pedicure? Stella Maxwell does not seem to mind, because we have seen her at the Cannes Film Festival in front of photographers with clips in her hair. Of course, ideal of death.

Our first reaction has been to think “are we facing a new hairstyle trend?”. After all, hairpins have regained their visibility in recent seasons and Bella Hadid has turned the classic hair clip into an essential accessory in her looks. But no, in this case it was simply a trick to keep the water waves perfect before the amfAR gala in Cannes. A curious image that has allowed us to know how those subtly marked waves are achieved and that you can copy at home for your next guest dates.

Wash your hair, dry it, mark the side parting and make the waves with a curling iron (better, horizontally) as you normally would. Then use a fixing product and comb them, this will soften them preventing the shape from being completely lost. Now is the time to use the tweezers. Divide them through the hair like Stella, placing them in the areas that you want to be more drawn. Apply a little hairspray to enhance the effect. Keep them that way until it’s time to leave the house, and make sure none of them are hidden, especially from the back! This little detail would make your look one of the most talked about of the night, but for the wrong reasons.

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