The dreaded time to make the wardrobe change is approaching. In order to make the procedure easier and not take a whole weekend, how about you start organizing the rest of your accessories today? Jewelry, for example. It is common for such a small accessory to be lost or become part of a collection scattered around your room without control. Therefore, this social media trick is really practical, as well as beautiful and easy to copy.

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A few days ago, Laura Lee published on her social networks the way in which she orders her jewelry. For this, she dedicated the entire shelf of a dresser to that category and, to classify them, she used methacrylate organizers. Did you think they were exclusively designed to store cosmetics and makeup? Well no and, in fact, when you discover the endless options you have to copy the trick of the influencer, you will not want to organize it any other way.

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How to organize your jewelry (earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets) in the most useful and beautiful way

If you notice, the American has chosen to organize them in methacrylate compartments that, bought separately, ensure a completely customized arrangement. For this, she chooses a shelf or a drawer and begins to arrange the organizers according to the space of the same. Once you have them distributed, organize your earrings and rings in each compartment by styles, finishes or occasions. A very good idea, as Laura Lee does, is to order them from more everyday to more festive and colorful, which will help you never repeat accessories on a day-to-day basis, as you will have everything categorized and in view.

Organizers of different sizes

As Laura Lee, the protagonist of this effective organization trick, does, you need methacrylate compartments of different sizes. Thus, you can fit them on the shelf that best suits you and, on the other hand, divide them by categories and, therefore, accessories. This pack is one of the best sellers on Amazon since it includes a total of seven pieces.

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