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Your website is the showcase of your business. No matter how pretty the window is, if your business is at a dead-end, very few will see it. SEO makes the positioning change of a website: from the impasse where it was at the beginning, it can relocate you to the road with the most traffic, which on the web is the first page of Google. The backlinks together with the content are the most effective weapons for a good SEO positioning.

Yes, because Google stops Google handles 70% of all searches made on the Internet, followed by Yahoo! With 15%; Bing the Microsoft search engine with 10%; with 2% and AOL with 1%.

Backlinks help you position your page in search engines

So we can say without fear that Google is the main avenue of the web. One of the important factors for Google to leave you on page 1 is to the business center. This is the relevance that other sites give to yours with links to your home page or an article. These links or links must be relevant, both in the subject and in the prestige of the person who links you.

But, with the backlinks, you have to pay attention because a link from a page of a veterinarian to a cryptocurrency page can be considered toxic by Google, But it may be relevant if the veterinarian accepts cryptocurrencies as a form of payment and the published article deals with from this.

Since the last version of the Google algorithm, experts have placed importance on natural backlink growth. These are the input links to a website and the quality of the texts and with buy permanent backlinks.

YO REPORTER et offers the possibility to publish free articles and press releases with a link to its website or content. But we demand that the item be unique and of good quality. To maintain high content standards, we control that your articles are not plagiarized, well written, and relevant to the category of news where you only publish. We also limit, to two per month, the outbound links that you can place for each domain. Violation of this rule may lead to the cancellation of your account and your web domain being banned.

Why backlinks are important

The backlinks or external links are important since they help us to position in search engines. The more external links we have, the more decisive it will be for Google that that content is of interest.

In addition, it supports our content, that is, it helps us to position ourselves as experts in the sector and to demonstrate that our content is of value and provides relevant or interesting information for users.

In short, the more backlinks, the more queries, the more sales and the more subscriptions.
Types of Backlinks

We find two types of Backlinks:
Do Follow or Follow

These are those that have a hyperlink that directs to a specific external page, and they are the ones that will help us in SEO positioning since Google’s crawlers do index them. The more DoFollow links, the better positioned we will be.
No Follow

These are the type of link that Google crawlers will not crawl and therefore will not index.

  • Important recommendation!
    “Before starting with a strategy to get backlinks, it is important to have an SEO strategy and know your Buyer Persona, in order to create the right content and type of backlinks to target the users that interest us and find sales opportunities indicated “.

How to get backlinks or external links

To get Backlinks you have several options:

There are several pages on the net that allow you to write content and put a backlink directed for example to our website. However, everything has a price, and these directories are usually paid. This is because they have a lot of authority on the network and a lot of traffic. Therefore, having a backlink there helps you increase your visibility.

Otherwise, they will not publish it.

Attending events or participating in congresses, symposiums, etc., is a good way, not only to achieve brand reputation and visibility, but also backlinks on relevant or very important event websites within your sector.

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