Kim Kardashian, Kourtney and the mask that makes you ugly to make you beautiful

They like to show their looks and pose as real models on social networks and their followers love it. But they like it even more when they share the secrets behind so much ‘perfection’ (ignoring the strategic poses, the magic of a suitable light and the filters, of course). And there is nothing better than seeing something to believe it, although sometimes the process is not entirely attractive. If not, check out the latest beauty experiment by Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney. She will stun you.

The sisters are the last to join the trend of this Korean product

The sisters decided to organize a beauty session and share it on Instagram with a photo in which they appeared more scared than happy. And accompanying the image, a funny message from Kourtney: “Kim has convinced me to use this mask and I feel gorgeous.” To which Kendall added an emoji crying with laughter and an “I can’t breathe” that perfectly reflected the impact that this image of her sisters had caused him. But why did they look like that? What mask are they referring to? Does it really work?

It is a Korean mask that is causing a sensation. Among her best-known fans is actress Drew Barrymore, who already shared an image similar to that of the Kardashians and assured that, after removing the product, her face looked 10 years younger. A statement that could have motivated the sisters to use this Hanacure bestseller. A multi-action, single-dose treatment that costs $ 29 (approximately 25 euros) and is sold in a pack that contains a gel, a serum and an applicator brush.

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