If you have brown eyes, Selena Gomez has a message for you

The actress and singer wanted to remember that this color is as beautiful as blue

Less than 72 hours before International Women’s Day, and in full vindication of beauty in all its forms, Selena Gómez wanted to take advantage of some Instagram stories to share a curious reflection with her followers. The actress and singer, who is not particularly active in this application, was recording some videos with the popular Snapchat filters when she realized one thing: “Why do the prettiest have blue eyes?” high.

There are many women, known or not, who are fighting to end certain stereotypes related to beauty and trying to change the idea of ​​perfection by reminding us that curves are beautiful, that not having a flat stomach is fine, that having a small chest is not a defect, that freckles are not imperfections, that short hair is also feminine … or that brown eyes are as pretty as blue ones. A truism that, however, can be behind many insecurities, especially at certain ages. That is why it is good to remember that, beyond the canons and fashions of each era, beauty is something subjective, and that being different is fine.

“Brown eyes are pretty”

“Seriously, all ‘Snapchat’ filters have blue eyes … what if you have brown ones? … Are these eyes supposed to make me look good? … They’re pretty .. . but, I don’t understand it, all the beautiful filters have blue eyes … “, are some of the reflections that Selena makes aloud while testing these filters in her stories. The I love you like a love song singer wonders why the less flattering ones keep their eyes brown and the prettiest show them blue with them.

And it’s not that she hasn’t experimented with this eye color before. Do you remember her participation in the fashion show? Selena wore contact lenses during the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2015 and also at the after party. A color that contrasted with her dark hair (more than usual) and her tanned skin, giving her eyes a more enigmatic look. Her hair was also perfectly wavy and dyed a very shiny shade of black.

Some gestures that she seems to have left behind in recent months, where we have seen her opt for more natural looks, with the natural texture of her hair and hardly any makeup most of the time. An exercise in acceptance that many of her fans will surely appreciate and copy from now on.

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