Honor 50 Lite Review

Honor 50 Lite review: an exceptional budget worker of our time

The return was truly triumphant because, together with the software, the company presented a new line of its iconic devices: the Honor 50. I have the youngest of all with the Lite subtitle in the test. Let’s understand how the company managed to make a simplified but at the same time self-sufficient version of the senior counterpart.

Honor Rooms have always been famous for their crazy and innovative design, especially in a few years. I remember how the entire editorial board was overwhelmed by the gradient we first saw at “eight” or how they didn’t want to drop the “nine” with a metallic angle. The fiftieth series is no exception because there are very remarkable devices on the line. So conspicuous that they can be easily seen from afar and blend well with other brands, it won’t work.

What about Lite? It is much simpler in this sense, although it recognizes the design of smartphones from other brands. A large central circle of cameras on the back cover and a series of top-to-bottom stripes down the body’s center. It seems interesting, but nothing more. However, a special thanks to the fact that the camera unit does not protrude much from the body. This prevents the phone from hanging up when you start to touch the screen while on the table.

Let’s talk about security. The fingerprint scanner in this version is built into the power button: an affordable solution and simpler technology. And the better it is than any subscreen scanner, it works much faster and more reliably.

Now let’s move on to the screen, and this part of the smartphone, in general, has become a revelation. It looks like an expensive flagship or experimental deviceā€”so little frames on the sides and the top. We are regularly told by companies that the rounded edges of the screen are specifically made to make the screen appear frameless, but you have direct proof: the screen has no curves, and at the same time, it has no frames. I think if there were flat side faces, it would look even steeper.

The matrix here is no less attractive. Yes, it is a standard LCD panel with FHD + resolution and an average refresh rate. But at the same time, it has a DCI-P3 color space, which is more than one billion colors that the matrix can display. This is an excellent setting, and most people will find it challenging to understand this solution’s charms. But I assure you that you will see that the smartphone screen shows colors differently. For example, red will have shades, as in other colors. And in general, the red increases, and this is a skin tone. So all photos and videos with people in them will be more honest and close to life.

By the way, about photos and videos. The Lite version of the Honor 50 is close to the previous model. It also uses a sizeable primary camera sensor. Not 108 MP, of course, but 64, but that’s more than enough. This camera can take very nice pictures in sunlight or just in a well-lit room. It has an excellent physical effect on objects you shoot close to. In general, as in large and expensive flagships. What’s the trick?

In my opinion, algorithms because they are very volatile. I have repeatedly caught myself thinking that the device can perceive the same photo with a difference of one second in entirely different ways. In one shot, the grass is yellow. On the other, it is juicy and green. And despite the bad weather and the approaching winter, the grass was bright green in life. What made the algorithms change their minds? We do not know the answer to this question. But we hope this will be improved to the required level.

The camera also takes great night shots. From a smartphone priced at just over 20,000 rubles, you do not expect such a result. But there is also a lid. Algorithms take a long time to make such beautiful and only in the right way. If some smartphones can cope with insufficient lighting and in mode, it does not work. You will not get the best images in low light, and you will need to activate the “Night” mode. As soon as it is activated, everything works like clockwork. But the shutter speed is quite long, up to 4 seconds.

Chesto applies to other cameras: an oversized 8 MP and a macro with a depth sensor of 2 MP each. The large size copes well in bright sunlight and quickly softens details when the light becomes less than ideal. But the fact that it is is an indisputable plus.

The Snapdragon 662 processor is responsible for the smartphone’s performance – it is a good prIt is a medium budget with the basic set of parameters and drivers. It is made in an 11nm process and has a very similar performance to the Dragon 710, judging by the ratings in specialized publications. This gives you excellent system performance with essential use. It is medium in size can be felt when you turn on the camera because it takes a few seconds. Or with the same gluing of night shots, which also takes a long time. But complaining about the speed of the apps or switching between them is just a sin; everything works fine.

As for the battery, there is a battery with a capacity of 4300 mAh. – Good performance for a screen with FHD + resolution. But much more important is the fact that the smartphone supports fast charging. And in the set, there is a block for charging up to 66 watts. For reference, it can capture some laptops! And it will charge this smartphone up to 55% in just 15 minutes.

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