Do you know that celebrity accumulates bad followers on social networks? A clue: it’s not Kylie Jenner

Fortunately or not, social networks have long been more than just a virtual place of passage. Today, they are part of the time, work and entertainment of millions of people around the world and, as such, celebrities adapt to the situation. Thus, it is possible to follow the lives of your favorite singers, actors, actresses and influencers at the click of a button. Hence, personalities like Kylie Jenner are in charge of constantly updating their feed. And yet, even though she is the highest paid celebrity of last year, she gives up the top spot in the ranking on social networks to another celebrity. Guess who?

The ‘celebrities’ most followed on social networks

For some time now, there has been a person at the top of that list who, with more than 274 million followers, is Cristiano Ronaldo. However, the soccer player is dangerously close behind Ariana Grande. With 229 million followers, the Thank You, Next singer consequently has the highest of the caches in terms of advertising and sponsorship. And, although right after you expected to find Kylie Jenner, actor The Rock surpasses her by 2 million with 226, exactly. Very close to the young billionaire is Selena Gomez who, since she recovered her activity on social networks and on stage, has been unstoppable again. Of course, Kim Kardashian had to be on that list, in her case, with 213 million fans following every step she takes.

Another famous footballer, Leo Messi, occupies the sixth position with 194 million, just above the acclaimed BeyoncĂ© (171 million followers). In the penultimate position we find Justin Bieber who maintains his reign of music with 169 million. At the end of it all, another member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan does an act of family representation: Kendall Jenner. In her case, the model accumulates a total of 157 million followers and the title of ‘highest paid model of 2020’. Will there be future exchanges of position or will Ariana Grande maintain her dominant position? For now, these are the numbers.

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